“We will launch new products every three months”

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“We will launch new products every three months”

Neply Plywood, a Nepali plywood manufacturer officially forayed into the market during the 5th Nepal Wood International Exhibition held in Kathmandu from 15-17 February. The company, founded by a group of young business enthusiasts is committed to produce high-quality products including commercial plywood, water proof plywood, boiling water proof plywood, shuttering plywood, doors and laminates, among other products at its plant situated at Mechinagar, Jhapa. Sujeet Madhogaria, CEO of Neply talked to New Business Age about the market, demand and expansion plans of Neply. Excerpts:
How do you observe the Nepali plywood market?
The demand for plywood and wood products globally is increasing by five to ten percent annually. Likewise, in the Nepal’s context, the demand for plywood is growing continuously by five to seven percent every year. There is continuous renovation work going on all over the country. New factories are coming up every year to fill the demand, and because of the growth, all these factories are doing well. While doing our research on the country's plywood market, we noticed a gap in the supply chain of the plywood business. 
What are the types of plywood products manufactured by Neply?
Neply will manufacture commercial ply, waterproof ply and termite-proof ply. Beyond that, we are coming up with different types of doors like laminated doors, membrane doors and PVC doors. Further, we are also coming up with WPC and Laminates. 
What are the USPs of Neply products?
We are going to offer a 48-hour replacement guarantee, and after-sales services will be our prime focus. Besides, we will be trustworthy to our customers and will sell genuine products- we will deliver genuine waterproof ply and will replace them if they have issues even after ten years. To ensure the customers that our products are well finished and different from others we are offering a new ply product named carom ply. 
How is the market for Neply products? 
The market is good, and because of the potential, we have secured a considerable investment of Rs 1.10 billion. We are coming up with a wide range of products to ensure that the customers find solutions for all their requirements. 
Many other plywood brands are offering various categories of plywood products in Nepal. How are your products different from these manufacturers? 
It’s the quality. If you observe the products of other companies, the thickness of the ply is usually smaller than what they promise. However, we will deliver the ply with the promised size. Secondly, check the quality of our product - you can cut a piece of our BWP grade ply and put it into a pressure cooker, upon opening the cooker you can check the ply; it will be in the same condition as before. Our policy is to deliver quality products at an affordable price. Our products will have value for money.
What marketing strategies have you been deploying for Neply products?
We will cater to each segment differently and will have different plans for each of them, which we will execute in the market. Besides that, our marketing strategy is straightforward - we will continuously deliver quality products and reach the end customers directly or indirectly through various channels. Further, we will launch a new product every three months.
How is your company planning to expand its market presence?
Our launch itself signals our aggressive plans. We launched our company as the title sponsor of the Nepal Wood Expo. The expo never had any title sponsor before us. We told them we want to be your title sponsor, they agreed and we received a lot of visibility during the exhibition. We are going to expand ourselves in the market similarly. We will have dealers for each of our product segments, to reach every corner of the country and cater to every sector. Besides that, we will introduce various ranges of products, which will make the dealers excited to work with us. 

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