New Home, New Adventures..!!

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New Home, New Adventures..!!

Vaastu plays a significant role in harmonising space frequency and vibrations.


We often talk about places and people exuding ‘good energy’ or ‘bad energy’, when we really mean the energy is high or low. In scientific terms, describing energy as high or low is actually describing the rate of vibration or frequency. 

The higher a ‘vibration’ of a person or place/space, the better we feel. And the higher the vibration of our homes, the better we feel in them. They become a safe haven, a space to recharge our batteries and lift our spirits. 

Vaastu plays a significant role in harmonising space frequency and vibrations and has a proven scientific capability to balance all these low energy parameters, providing correction to heal and nurture our bodies to the best levels. While moving into a new home, you can experience the health, wealth and happiness benefits through our scientifically designed Vastu solutions which will revitalise you and raise your vibrations !! 

Why do our life patterns change with space? 

Almost 8 in 10 people start facing sudden challenges as soon as they shift to a new home. 

The energies of the space we live in, definitely affect our lives. Some places make us feel uplifted and some places give us so much resistance, that we don’t feel like going there. Let us take the case of our favourite hotel, where even tasteless food won’t matter much, as we love the ambience. But why is that? 

1. The geometry or layout of the space plays a crucial role here. If the layout is prepared as per the scientific principles of Vaastu, the energies are uplifted there. Locating the activities, entrances, rooms etc need to planned as per Vaastu, keeping in view the practicality.  

2. Next is the pattern of colours used. Every colour carries a different frequency. The choice of colour becomes utmost important when it comes to Vaastu. If aligned, as per the Five Elements of nature, our space is insured and safeguarded against any odds.  

While moving in to a new house, if we follow Vastu principles and harmonise it with nature, it reduces the challenges in life and leads to continual success in all fields.

Note - Avoid any demolition or reconstruction for the sake of Vaastu. Vaastu Devayah Namah solutions are designed to provide Vaastu Solutions with zero destruction.  

The author is an India based Vaastu expert who can be reached at [email protected] and

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