Garud Securities : Professional and Dedicated

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Garud Securities : Professional and Dedicated

With solid infrastructures, sound procedure, skilled people and modern technologies - all combining to ensure a high level of integrity, professionalism and quality service - Garud Securities stands apart in a world of look-alike security companies.

Sabal Chandra Shaha, Managing Director Garud Securities Pvt LtdSabal Chandra Shaha
Managing Director
Garud Securities Pvt Ltd

Established in January 2005, Garud Securities Pvt Ltd has been successful in creating its own brand setting high standards in terms of providing private security services in Nepal. Garud’s diverse security services - whole security solution and its records of several successful events in Nepal - has been able to influence public perception regarding the local brand. Garud has proved that a local brand, too, can perform as good as the international brands. Managing Director at Garud Securities, Sabal Chandra Shaha shares, “There was the misconception that only international security brands are professional and dedicated when it comes to providing security services by private companies and that the local brands are good for nothing. We have been successful in changing this perception and proved that a local company, too, can be as good as the international brands. Over the last 13 years, Garud has become a brand in the security service industry in Nepal.”

About the company
Garud Security Service (dealing with manpower management) and Garud Support Services (dealing with facility management) in Nepal are two separate companies under the umbrella of Garud. Garud Security Service deals with security service through outsourcing while Garud Facility Management Company looks after various different facilities beside securities like housekeeping.

The planning for security is completely different. “We are taking responsibilities of other’s property and people’s safety. Therefore, we are highly committed to providing quality services. Unlike other companies, we have already separated security and facility management services. Due to this, the clients can get exactly what they want,” says Shaha.

Garud Security Service is a member of the UN Global Compact. It is also an individual member of ASIS. It received accredited certification from ACM Register (ISO 9001:2008) in 2013. It has also inked deals with different international associations like Control Risk/ International SOS, Obera LCC, An Rong Li Bang Bodyguards Consultant, China City guard Security Service Group and AXA Assistance. According to Shah, the company’s annual turner over in the last fiscal year 2017/18 was over Rs 1billion in security service while that of facility management service was about Rs 200 million. 

Turning Points
When the Labour Union anarchy was at its height in Nepal, a majority of the security companies in the country found themselves at the receiving end and Garud was no exception. “We faced problems during that phase. When other companies moved away from human related business, we formalised ours. We assured that we were completely complying with the Labor Act and made sure that all our employees were happy,” recalls Shaha.  The management of Garud in every way possible made the workforce feel comfortable in their work and that they were part of a family. “This helped us excel in our service towards our clients. The bond between the whole company, deployed security guards, union, to the senior most management team was our turning point and will always be our strength to keep moving forward,” he adds.  

The grand success of the Bryan Adams concert in Kathmandu was another feather in the cap for Garud. For the first time, the company handled the security of such a big event in Nepal. "In 2011, when the concert of Canadian rock star Bryan Adams was to be organised in Nepal, several questions were raised regarding the security arrangements for the programme. We did not have any experience of ensuring security for such a huge, international programme,” says Shaha. But it was the confidence of Garud workforce and the company did quite well in handling the security arrangements of the concert. “Since then, we have been getting several opportunities to handle the security system of any major event organised in Nepal” he expresses.

Garud has its own dedicated training center which produces skilled manpower in housekeeping and security service. Since 2009, when the company started full-fledged training, it has been training not only in-house security guards but also those of other different companies.

The training is especially beneficial to those who wish to go abroad and work as security guards. “People in Nepal want to go for foreign employment at any rate. What we say is if they receive relevant training before going abroad, then they would be paid higher,” Shaha shares.

Garud has been providing a range of security service including manned guarding, security consultancy, cash valuable in transit (CVIT) and electronic security. Event Security Management and CVIT services are the two of Garud’s major, unique security services in Nepal. “Event security management is the strongest part of our services,” claims Shaha. Starting security management service in 2006, the company has become the leading event security company in Nepal. It had successfully handled the security systems at different major events in Nepal like Bryan Adams live-in concert, Atif Aslam concert, Prashant Tamang concert, SAFF Championship, Johnie Walker Safe Driving Campaign with Mika Hakinnen, MLTR Concert at Tudikhel, Durbar Marg Street Festival etc and Tattoo Convention (2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014).

According to Shaha, the company uses specialized vehicles for CVIT that has cctv cameras, inbuilt vault and dual locking system. Since the vehicles are completely tracked by GPS, the fuel supply can be cut and the vehicle can be stopped from our control room in case of robbery or theft. Control rooms and Quick Reaction Team (QRT) vehicles are operated 24 hours. It has over six patrolling vehicles which patrol Kathmandu 24/7. Likewise, its operational service is divided into seven sectors and the sector commanders visit the clients on a regular basis. The company also has strong planning and highly trained manpower for CVIT service. The security personnel for CVIT service are well-equipped and they are prepared for any circumstances. Shaha says, “We are working for Standard Chartered Bank. At present, we have more than 20 clients in the financial sector. We provide security to hospitals, departmental stores and jewelry shops as well.

Disaster relief service is another unique service provided by the company. Shaha says, “We are not selling this service. Rescuing during catastrophes is an extra benefit to the clients," he says.

Garud Surveillance is another electronic service provided by the companies to clients who don’t prefer manned guarding. "The world has switched to electronic security systems from manned security system.  Though electronic security is not popular in Nepal yet, it is growing gradually. Under it, we have CCTV cameras, alarm system, home automation and so on.”

The Nepali Mindset
“Still there is a conception that a security guard is just a gentleman standing still in front of a gate. So people think that why should they are to be paid more? In fact it is just the opposite,” explains Shaha, highlighting, “It is because of a guard’s presence at an organisation that the employees there are able to work properly. Security is important.”

Shaha further says, “We are not just providing security guards. In fact, we are making relationship with our clients.”

Human Resource
Garud has almost 5,000 security personnel deployed across the nation. This proves that Garud has been receiving good response from the clients. The company has a very extensive training and recruiting system. Before deployment, Garud provides pre-deployment training to its guards whether he is a civilian or an ex-serviceman. Before this, basic security training is given to the civilian. Shah reveals, “We provide the training not just about security but on various different aspects of safety like fire safety, natural disaster safety, first aid etc. Annually, we conduct training for certain numbers who are certified as first aider of Red Cross.”  The company conducts refresher training even after the recruitment quarterly either at the client’s office, or at its own training center or at its branch offices.

Network Coverage
Besides having clients in the banking and finance sector, the company also has some diplomatic clients. The company starting providing security services to the diplomatic clients from 2007. Today, it has 18 diplomatic missions as clients.  Embassies of France, the UAE, and Qatar etc are some examples. "Outside the valley, a number of factories have taken our service of manned guarding," shares Shaha adding that the company has 12 branches across the nation and it has its presence in 60 districts of Nepal.

Shortage of manpower is the biggest challenge for the private security service industry in Nepal. According to Shaha, Nepal is the very price-sensitive. He says, “We are not being able to supply the required manpower. We follow the national Labour Act as there is no Private Security Act to govern the private security industry and so we have to increase the rate but the organsations do not follow the law. Due to the lack of the Private Security Act, we had to deal with four ministries before federalism and now after federalism, we have to deal with three government bodies- Ministry of Labour, Company Registrar's Office and Home Ministry to run the industry. The heart of the matter is we need a Private Security Act.”

Garud has been planning to develop security apps to update about security scenario. Garud Support Service is researching to launch new packages of electronic security services for offices and residencies in Nepal. “We aim to go international in the future,” shares Shah. 

SWOT Analysis 

• Robust infrastructure
• Broad service diversification
• Multiple international recognition
• Access to all level of management
• Immediate response
• Problem solving
• Additional service

• Lack of Private Security Act
• Rate higher than majority of competitors
• Huge turnover of personnel
• Not all competitors following labor act
• Resistance to change(clients and personnel)

• Growth of national market
• Better branding of the company
• Still cheaper than the direct competition
• Diversification of the service
• New recruiting and training system
• International market

• Lack of Ex-servicemen
• Lack of good and stable manpower
• Very cost sensitive market
• Maintain good quality of personnel

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