Mokshya Lounge : Good Food, Friendly Crowd

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Mokshya Lounge : Good Food, Friendly Crowd

A combination of good cuisine and a proclivity for customer comfort ensures this multifaceted lounge is a satisfying experience.

So, your friends have tasked you with organising a dinner for eight people for an upcoming Saturday night. The prime reservations are likely out of the question, and you don’t wish to squander your lunch break ringing restaurants. Inevitably, you end up scrolling through mobile food apps, browsing through restaurants you’ve never heard of, ‘googling’ their menus, keenly conscious that a poor choice may well unseat you from your vaunted position of 'Restaurant Chooser.'

If the above situation sounds familiar, Mokshya Lounge has your back. A lively spot in Baneshwor (Madan Bhandari Road), Mokshya Lounge is a multi-purpose restaurant with great ambience and good cuisine. Brick walls, wooden floors, splendid meals, a generous stream of drinks, an amiable crowd - Mokshya has it all. The cuisine isn’t revolutionary, but it's superb nonetheless and serves its purpose. Opened a month ago, this outlet has been on a continuous rise ever since. Having a seating capacity of 200, the establishment is divided into a lounge, a pub, fine dining and a seminar area. The lounge is equipped with two halls, one small and one large, perfect for private functions like birthday parties, anniversaries and corporate meetings.

Although Mokshya Lounge is yet to introduce a full-course food menu, the introductory menu is a sheer delight. Their appetisers, the Spicy Chicken Wings and Garlic Prawns in particular, are sumptuous. For vegetarians, the Paneer Shashlik is a must have. The Grilled Chicken and Cottage Cheese Sizzler served here are two other dishes that necessitate special endorsement. Italian courses such as the Spaghetti Bolognese and Spaghetti Napolitana are a delight to the taste buds. The bar here serves an assortment of drinks- a miscellany of beers, cocktails and mocktails.

According to Head Chef, Ajay Jung Giri, the ingredients used to prepare the food here are all organic and they process the sauces in their own kitchen. Along with the food, the service here is exemplary. The space is bright and invariably full of regulars; the atmosphere at times is akin to a dinner party you stumbled into. It’s an unmistakable step up from dining in your crowded apartment, and you’ll walk out of here content with whatever you ate, but not concerned you missed out on a dish. 

Someone’s a vegetarian? No problem. A picky eater? All good. A thrifty spender? Fine. Reservation for a sizable group without using a credit card? It’s dealt with. Have to organise your friend’s birthday two days in advance? Not an issue. Brunch? Yes. Open until 2 am? Yes. Mokshya checks several boxes, and it does so with panache. It’s a great neighbourhood spot doing its part to ensure people have a high quality meal within strolling distance of where they live and have a place to escape to from their mundane daily routine. 

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