The Water Element According to Vaastu

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The Water Element According to Vaastu

One of the most essential elements in the nature also has huge Vaastu impacts in our lives.


Water covers 71 per cent of the Earth. Being one of the five elements of nature (Panchtatvas), water is of great significance as per Vaastu Shastra. Let us examine how water relates to Vaastu principles.  

What Constitutes the Water Element?
Everything from water boring, submersible pumps, wells, underground water storage units; a likely fixture in most spaces, to colours/shades of blue/black in the form of wall paints, lights, upholstery, furniture, carpets, floors, marble slabs etc. make up the Water Element as per Vaastu Shastra. Even mirrors represent the Water Element.

Attributes of the Water Element
Just as our body comprises a significant mass of water, the surrounding space also has a certain amount of water element. An imbalance of water in the body gives way to health issues; an imbalance in the Water Element of the space may give rise to concerns in our lives. It governs several key aspects; for instance, the inflow of opportunities in the form of money, jobs, clients, orders, etc. Even our health, our state of mind gets disturbed if the Water Element is imbalanced. 

Ideal Direction of Water
The Water Element governs the northern direction of any space. However, starting from North of North-West (18 Degrees from N-S Axis) to North-East is permissible as per Vaastu Guidelines. Even towards the East, the Water Element can be placed safely with no negative effects. 

Effects of the Water Element 
North - This is one of the ideal directions to have the Water Element as it generates an abundance of positive attributes for the residents. The northern direction presides over a multitude of elements such as the influx of opportunities in the form of money, jobs, clients, orders. 

North East - The Water Element is also fine here, but to a limited degree; Water boring and underground water tanks are not advisable. However, if they are already present and don't have a negative impact, one need not worry. East - Again, the Water Element is permissible here. If the area of this direction is lesser than the others, the Water Element eradicates that concern. It elevates our social associations as well. The placement of water boring between East and North-East is thought to be extremely positive.

South-East - Being the direction of fire, water is an anti-element here. Having the Water Element here could prove disastrous and should be avoided at all costs. It may cause accidents, theft, losses and severe cash crunch. If the Water Element is already present here, it can be well-treated safely with no reconstructions. South - Presence of the Water Element here may cause restlessness. It may even affect your name and fame. Removing or balancing the Water Element here will lead to a relaxed mind. South-West - Here, the Water Element may cause relationship problems. Also, it may affect the stability and skill-set of the occupants. Further, the presence of the Water Element between the South and South-West directions may cause unwanted expenditures. 

West - Although this direction does not support the Water Element to a great extent; in some cases, having water boring here is regarded as a good sign. It fosters the flow of gains in the space. Nevertheless, the quantity of water is to be well-regulated, too much water may lead to the gains flowing away. 

North West - The Water Element will prove to be effective here, but only if it’s present in a small quantity and with the right degree of balance. Water boring and bore wells are to be avoided here as it may result in legal challenges. 

Now that we have familiarised ourselves with the positive and negative effects of the Water Element with regard to the different directions as per Vaastu; you must exercise caution the next time you choose colours, decide the location of the water tank, select wall paints etc. Ensure that you don't place a Water Element where a Fire Element is already present and vice-versa. By adopting some simple practices, inhabitants can feel positive changes in their life. However, if faced with more pressing concerns and problems, please consult a Vaastu Expert for guidance. 

This is just a brief overview of Vaastu Working; the actual art of Vaastu Working is far more complex. Do not undertake any demolition or reconstruction on the basis of the above article alone. Vaastu Devayah Namah Solutions is designed to provide Vaastu solutions with zero destruction. The directions mentioned above are calculated by experts with high precision. Kindly be cautious while assessing the directions, as even the slightest variation may hamper the results.

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