"Our products have good prospects in Nepal"

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Saken Jain, Business Head Fenesta Building SystemSaken Jain
Business Head
Fenesta Building System

Fenesta Building System, a part of the DCM Shriram Group with USD 1 billion net worth, is one of India’s leading companies to manufacture windows and doors from Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) resins. Established in 2002, Fenesta started expansion of its operation at international level since 2017 from Thimpu, Bhutan. Nepal is the second international market for the company which recently opened its showroom at Thapathali, Kathmandu. Saken Jain, Business head of Fenesta Building System, was in Kathmandu to inaugurate the showroom. New Business Age was caught up with Jain to talk about the company's products and market strategies here. Excerpts:

How do you see the Nepali windows and doors market?
I found that aluminum products dominate the windows and doors market in Nepal. Though there are some UPVC players in the market, they are hardly organized and qualified. The quality of our products is different from others. Generally, UPVC products are available only in white color but we are offering varieties of options in terms of design and color. We serve factory-made products on the basis of size and specification ordered by our customers. Factory-made products are superior to the products made by carpenters.

What types of products of Fenesta Building System are available in Nepal?
We have come here with 60 different varieties of UPVC products with multiple designs and colors. We have launched modern-design villa windows, tilt and turn windows, slider windows and doors, casement windows and doors, slide and folding doors, lift and slide doors and designer doors. We also have various composite options available within these varieties. Besides, we are also introducing Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) for the Nepali customers. 

How is the market of Fenesta products in Nepal? 
We studied the market before we launched our products here. Our products have good prospects in Nepal. The ongoing construction works here indeed are good opportunities for our products. Offices and residents here have issues of sound and dirt penetration. Since, our products are good resistant of sound and dirt, they are appropriate for tackling such pollution. The aesthetic looks of the products will add to the beauty and charm of the buildings. We received enquiries from customers while our showroom was getting ready. We already have delivered some products which were ordered recently while setting our showroom. We are very optimistic about a good business in Nepal.

What are the USPs of Fenesta products?
Since ours are polyvinyl-chloride products, they are good resistants of heat, sound, rain and electricity. Welded joint, double seals and multiple-point locking systems of the products not only stop the dust, dirt, rain and wind from penetrating the houses but also reduce street noises. PVC doors and windows are bad conductor of heat that reduces energy consumption while running air-conditioner (AC). This decreases electricity bill by 20-30 percent. 

How are your products doing elsewhere?  
We are present in India for the last 16 years. We have almost 25 percent market share in India with more than 125 showrooms. Our products are loved by customers in the international market as well. Nepal is our second international market. We are planning to expand our business across South-East Asia and Africa as well.

Many other windows and doors solution brands are present in Nepal. How is the competition?
There is competition but we are in a league of our own. The types of products and services which we are offering are unique. The quality service which we offer will be one of our great USPs. We provide end-to-end service from production to fabrication and installation to handover and sales. This gives us a competitive edge. 

What marketing strategies have you been deploying for Fenesta products?
We are implementing all kinds of marketing strategies including ATL, BTL, digital, architect connects in Nepal. We also have a local channel partner to support us. The partner has better understanding of the market here. We will be implementing our plans along with the strategies made by our local partner.

How is your company planning to expand the market presence here?
We are discussing about adding branches across the country analyzing the potentiality of the market here. But possibly we will wait for some time before we take such a decision. We intend to reach across the country with our products and services. There are good prospects for our products in the major cities here. But since this is just the beginning for us in Nepal, we will need some time to expand our presence here. 

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