“There is great market potential for our products in Nepal"

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Dinesh Hapani, Director Kich Architectural ProductDinesh Hapani
Kich Architectural Product

India-based Kich Architectural Product Pvt Ltd is an architectural manufacturer of hardware products for residences and public buildings. A family-owned business established in 1992, it is one of the leading manufacturers of stainless steel hardware products in India. Starting from door lock handles and furniture fittings, the company today manufactures a wide range of corrosion-resistant high grade AISI 316 stainless steel products, fulfilling all quality parameters of architectural hardware, bathroom accessories and handrails and baluster systems. On the occasion of its silver jubilee celebrations, the company recently opened two showrooms, one each in Kathmandu and Biratnagar in collaboration with Parth International Pvt Ltd. Dinesh Hapani, director at Kich Architectural Product Pvt Ltd, visited Nepal for the formal inauguration of the company's first showrooms in Nepal. New Business Age talk to him about the company's plans. Excerpts:

What is your assessment of the hardware market in Nepal?
The market here is growing. It means good business opportunities for companies like us. But we think awareness is very crucial in the present context. People need to be aware about the quality of the products. Customers need to know about the difference between high and low grade steels so that the use of low grade products will decline. Otherwise the brand with quality products cannot sustain in the market. As a lot of construction is taking place in Nepal, we see great market potential for Kich here. 

What types of products have you launched in Nepal? 
We have launched lower hardware products which include lever handles and locks, hinges, main door handles, bolt locks etc. Similarly, we also have introduced bathroom accessories like shower racks, shampoo shelves, soap dishes. Handrail and balustrade systems for both residential and public buildings are available at our showrooms here. Furniture fittings, steel and glass door hardware are also available.

How important is the Nepali market for Kich?
We see that lots of infrastructure development and construction works for residential and public places are going on here. So, we think that our stainless steel products which suit the humid weather of the country will be in demand here. Our products with superior quality and durability will have a good market here. We want to deliver the best products. 

How are your products doing in India? 
We are the market leader in India. India’s corporate giants like Reliance and TATA as well as major constructions like Mahindra and L&T constructions are our customers.  Similarly, India’s leading hospitals are our satisfied customers.

We serve automobile showrooms including Mercedes, Audi and BMW and also hotels like Marriott, Holiday Inn and Intercontinental Five-Star Hotels. We cater to each and every segment of the market. 

What are the USPs of Kich products?
The hardware products manufactured by Kich are made of high grade stainless steels.The products are manufactured with 16 and 304 gauge of high grade steels. Kich believes in quality and delivers standard products to its customers.  

How is your brand performing globally and in other South Asian markets? 
At present, we supply our products in 26 different countries including Nepal. We started our international business from the United Kingdom. We are supplying our products in Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal including India in SAARC while Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda in Africa.  We are operating our business also in some Middle East countries. We have been supplying our products to Europe for the last twenty years. Currently, we are exploring South Africa to launch our product. We participate in numerous international exhibitions to promote our products in Europe and Africa.

What marketing strategies have you been deploying for Kich? 
Basically architects, developers and interior designers are our experts for strategy. Customers consult with them prior to constructing their houses. Everyone seeks quality products and experts in construction. We seek their suggestions and support in meeting their requirements.  On the other hand, we believe in customer satisfaction and deliver quality products. 

How is your company planning to expand its market in Nepal?
This is our first launch in Nepal. Looking at the present pace of construction across the country, we think we have great opportunities for good business. Our local partner Path International is very aggressive to promote the product across the country. So, hopefully we will add more showrooms shortly.  

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