Vaastu Tips for Bedrooms

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Vaastu Tips for Bedrooms

If a bedroom is placed in the ideal direction, residents attract the positive attributes of that direction.

--BY  Eshaan Garg

The location of a bedroom plays a very important part in our life. After a hectic day, when an individual returns home, what he needs is a sound and peaceful sleep. The duration of 6-8 hours when we sleep is the time when our body is regaining its energy that is spent throughout the day and preparing itself for the next day’s activities. So it is very important that we spend these 6-8 hours in a positive direction and a relaxing ambience.

People complain that even after getting up in the morning their mind is not relaxed and they were not able to sleep properly throughout the night. Their minds are constantly filled with unnecessary thoughts resulting in stress and disturbances. Many people also complain about bad dreams. In such cases, it should primarily be checked in which direction the person is sleeping and if that direction is causing all these problems. 
We absorb most of the energy from the direction where we are sleeping. Vibrations of the bedroom, whether positive or negative, definitely impact the inhabitants.

If a bedroom is placed in the ideal direction, residents attract the positive attributes of that direction. How the placement of a bedroom impacts the life of an individual is mentioned below:

1. The ideal direction for a bedroom is south. If residents choose this direction for their bedroom they will have a sound sleep and thus their mind and body will be relaxed.
2. Some directions should be avoided such as between east and south east. It is not an ideal direction for sleeping and if a person sleeps here, he/she may complain of negative thoughts, restlessness, stress and insomnia.
3. It is a common belief that the south west direction is ideal for a bedroom but in many cases, people complain of health issues, weakness and mood swings. In such cases, they need to check whether their bed is placed somewhere between the south and south west as sleeping there can lead to many health issues and financial losses. 
4. There are different directions that are suitable for bedrooms as per age and job profile. For example, a bedroom in a north direction is good for people who are building up their career. A person in a Job will progress in a north built bedroom.  Bedrooms to the west are ideal for those in business.
5. Many health issues can be easily resolved just by choosing the right direction for the bedroom. 
6. Choosing the colour schemes in the bedroom also plays a vital role. If chosen as per the direction, it promotes positivity. If a bedroom in a west direction has red or green shades, it may lead to financial disturbances.  

Apart from directions, there are certain other important points a person should consider in their bedrooms:
1. Always use light colours in the bedroom. Avoid dark or dull colours.
2. Organise your bed box and discard any clutter and non working stuff from the box as it may disturb your sleep.
3. Mount paintings or pictures that promote a positive thought in your mind and avoid paintings with imageries like war scenes, wild animals etc.
4. Use bed covers with light colours and floral prints. Also keep the bed neat and tidy.
5. The bedrooms should be well ventilated.
6. Place electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablets away from the bed as the electromagnetic waves emitted by them interferes with sleep.
7. If the inhabitants are sensing negativity in the room, place a bowl of sea salt at the corner of the room in the night and discard the salt in the morning.
8. Avoid sleeping with the head in a north direction.
9. Avoid having a dustbin by the sides of bed.

Just by adopting some simple practices inhabitants will feel positive changes in their lives. For serious issues and problems please consult a Vaastu expert for a solution.

This is just a brief description of the workings of Vaastu. Vaastu is carried out in much more detail.  Avoid any demolition or reconstruction just by reading the above article.  Vaastu Devayah Namah solutions are designed to provide Vaastu solutions with zero destruction. The directions mentioned above are calculated by experts with high precision. Please be careful in measuring the directions, as even the slightest variation may hamper the results. 

(The author is an India Based Vaastu Expert and can be reached at [email protected]. and

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