Total Derma Care at Nepal Skin Hospital

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Total Derma Care at Nepal Skin Hospital

This hospital at New Baneshwar positions itself as one-stop center for all dermatological problems.  

Dr Lalan Khatiwada, Managing Director, Nepal Skin HospitalDr Lalan Khatiwada
Managing Director,
Nepal Skin Hospital

At a time when people are trying to look their best in front of the camera, Nepal Skin Hospital located at New Baneshwar has come up with the best idea to solve skin-related issues with the help of aesthetic dermatology. The method helps improve the appearance of the patient by reducing the imperfections on the skin or body parts like ear, eye, nose, chin, among others, says the hospital.

There are several methods of aesthetic dermatology like surgery, laser and therapy, among others to reduce the skin imperfections of the patients. According to Dr Lalan Khatiwada, managing director of the hospital, the patients are treated with modern equipment to maintain their good looks, and also to help control aging for some years.

Dr Khatiwada, who is also a dermato-venereologist, cosmetologist and skin-laser surgeon, said that the patients need to come for regular follow-ups, maintain a healthy lifestyle, follow other instructions from the hospital, and should not expose their skin to the sun to get the desired changes after the treatment.

Under the aesthetic dermatology service, the hospital is providing services like laser, plastic and cosmetic surgery, hydrofacial and oxyfacial service, hair transplantation, chemical peeling of the skin, among other skin treatment. The hospital has been treating more than 50 patients per day. Dr Khatiwada, who has been treating the patients for seven years in the hospital, says that the hospital provides skin care treatment that helps all types of patients having different skin conditions. “The laser therapy helps rejuvenate the skin so that the patients look much younger than their age,” he says, adding that the patients with burn marks, birth marks, and other deep scars are also treated through plastic surgery.

The hospital claims that it can completely remove moles, pimples, among other stains. Majority of the patients coming to the hospital for treatment are female, says Dr Khatiwada, adding that of the total patients 60 percent are female, while the remaining 40 percent are male. Majority of the women who come to the hospital are late teenagers and women aged 40 to 45 years, according to the hospital. “Everybody wants to look young and beautiful. Unblemished skin is the most desirable among the people these days. The treatment of skin also helps people get their lost confidence,” he said.

“A lot of male patients are searching for new ways to control hair loss. To regain the lost hair, they have been using different ineffective ways spending so much of money,” he said, adding that the hospital is transplanting hair at a very affordable price. The hair transplantation at Nepal Skin Hospital costs around Rs 100,000 to Rs 150,000, depending upon the loss of hair. “We also help the patients who complain excessive growth of beard in the cheekbone. The number of patients coming for the restructuring of nose and ear is also increasing every year,” Dr Khatiwada says. “The hospital also helps the patients wanting to change their skin complexion. Our patients are very happy with the treatment. Their response has been overwhelming for us.”

The hospital claims that it is also contributing to medical tourism in the country as a lot of foreign patients are coming to the hospital because of the derma experts and affordable laser and cosmetic surgery at the hospital.

The hospital aims at providing high quality dermatology service to the patients by best expert dermatologists. The service provided by the hospital is one of the best derma services in the country, it claims.

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