“Our annual growth rate is double the overall market growth rate of 20 percent”

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KE Ranganathan, Managing Director Roca Bathroom Products  Pvt LtdKE Ranganathan
Managing Director
Roca Bathroom Products 
Pvt Ltd

Roca Group, a Spain-based bathroom solutions company, has been present in Nepal through its flagship brand Parryware for the past 43 years. The company recently opened its biggest exclusive showroom in the country at Sitapaila, Kathmandu. The outlet which has a wide array of bathroom products sells new Parryware launches such as Petite EWC and faucets. KE Ranganathan, managing director of Roca Bathroom Products Pvt Ltd, was in Nepal to inaugurate the new showroom. New Business Age talked to Ranganathan about Roca’s market expansion plans, current position and future plans. Excerpts:

What do you say about the Nepali sanitary and bathroom solutions market? 
The market of bathroom products has grown tremendously over the last four years in Nepal. At present, the market size of sanitary and bathroom products in Nepal is approximately Rs 5 billion. The organised market which comprises brands like Roca and Parryware accounts for Rs 1.5 billion. The size of the unorganised market which comprises unbranded items is Rs 3.5 billion. 

What types of products are available under the Roca brand in Nepal? What are the USPs of Roca products? 
Roca is a premium bathroom solutions company with a huge range of sanitary products in its portfolio, including its flagship brand Parryware. We have products like one-piece toilets with original European design, basins, urinals, faucets and taps, bathroom showers, kitchen sinks, fittings, bathroom furniture and water heaters. 

Our products have received a number of Indian and international quality certificates such as Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA), IAPMO and Australian Watermark Certification. This proves that our products are of high quality. Similarly, our products have won various international awards and recognitions. Roca is regarded as a brand with high level of product innovation the world over. Meanwhile, Roca is also considered superior in terms of customer care network and service. Most Roca products come with a 10-year warranty, except for the rubber items.

How is Roca growing in Nepal? 
We have been present in Nepal for the past 43 years. Roca is growing rapidly in the Nepali market with around 20 percent market share and registering 40 percent annual growth in the last 3-4 years. Our annual growth rate is double the overall market growth rate of 20 percent. 

What is your company doing to expand its presence in Nepal? 
We have been training the workforce with a view to expand the market for our products. We have been launching new showrooms on a regular basis and will explore the possibilities of opening bigger showrooms such as the exclusive ‘Bath Studio’ in the future. 

We are amplifying our focus on new ways to penetrate the market. We are intensifying our efforts to shift the paradigm in consumers’ preference towards our brand through continuous launches, product improvement and local advertisements and portfolio expansion. We have plans to launch 10-12 new water conserving, design-oriented and hygienic sanitary products on a yearly basis in Nepal. 

How is the brand performing in other South Asian markets? 
Roca products are available across the world. The premium-end brand is very popular in China. Meanwhile, Parryware is available in South Asian countries such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Bhutan besides India where the brand’s presence is very high. It is also sold highly in Middle East countries and is also exported to South Africa and the United States.  

How is Roca positioned globally?
Roca is the number one sanitary and bathroom solutions company globally, producing 40 million units of products a year. It has 78 manufacturing plants and operates in 170 countries with 25,000 employees. Roca’s turnover last year was Euro 1.8 billion. 

Are there any new products in the pipeline for the Nepali market? 
We will launch our latest product, Enslim - an electronic toilet - for our Nepali customers. Also, the germ-free plastic seat cover which ensures high level of hygiene and cleanliness is also in the pipeline. 

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