The Fire Element : As per Vastu Shastra in Life and Business

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The Fire Element : As per Vastu Shastra in Life and Business

Inhabitants may experience cash crunch,  medical or legal challenges other than  relationship and temperament related  issues if the fire element is missing, weak  or disturbed in any business or residential premises.
According to Vastu Shastra, the fire element plays a crucial role in our lives. Fire is represented by following forms:
• Gas stove, Microwave 
• Geyser, Heater, Red Color lights, lamps
• Red colored walls, furniture & furnishings & artifacts
• Copper articles & triangular shapes
Fire governs all important aspects of our lives, some of them are:
Monetary & Materialistic aspects of life depend majorly on the fire element.
• If fire is imbalanced in the premises, the inhabitants will face problems of liquidity crunch.
• Having toilets or water element (in any form) in the South East direction may create monetary issues.
Fire imbalance causes legal obstructions in business & routine matters.  
Unwanted Departmental inquiries (Legal, Taxation, Banking, Licenses & compliances) may be faced.
Accidents and Losses
• At places, where fire is disturbed accidents, financial losses & thefts may happen very frequently.
• Breakdown of fire on the premises (house or factories) happens if water boring, underground water tank is present towards South East direction.
• Imbalance of fire element combined with any problems in the North direction of a house can increase the chances of a visit to the hospital.
Anger / Behavior
• The presence of fire element in North east direction or excessive fire in the house, may show up in the form of anger.
• Residents feel aggression in all conversations and are ready to fight.
• Sleeping in imbalanced fire directions for a long time makes a person aggressive.
The Conversion Process
• Fire element also governs the conversion of opportunities into deals. The materializing process or conversion of business deals into money gets hampered if the south east direction is disturbed.
• If a person is not able to start something, like starting a business etc, that initiation is also governed by the fire element.
Being Stuck
• Fire direction also ensures the smooth functioning of things like cash flow, business and other important life events.
• Disturbed fire makes things stuck in life. If any work gets stuck at the last moment, the fire element may partly contribute.
• Fire element being related to health, governs the digestion process in our body. Disturbed fire may lead to acidity problems and indigestion.
• Having a pit or water element in the south-east direction makes one visit hospitals regularly, accompanied by any imbalances in between north and north-east.
• The fire element also provides strength to the body to recover from illnesses.
Auspicious Occasions
• The sacred fire plays an important role in carrying out auspicious events in our lives.
• If people are facing problems to initiate or start something, the fire element needs to be checked.
• Marriage becomes very difficult if the fire element is disturbed as it’s the sacred fire which makes marriage happen.
Paranormal Activity
• Disturbed fire direction is solely responsible for paranormal activities, black magic, and negativity in the space.
• Residents have a feeling of fear, nervousness etc if this element is disturbed.
Residents may also face problems if fire is present in other directions of the house where it is not supposed to be. For example, the presence of a gas stove in the north direction may hamper career and growth. The presence of fire in the South West direction can cause fights and disagreements among family members.
The fire element should be balanced in every space to achieve the maximum benefits. Rather, a perfect balance of all five elements of nature is suggested for a prosperous living. 
With this excerpt, we do not suggest any remedies as every case study is unique so the symptoms and treatments may vary for each case.
The author is an India-based Vastu Acharya and vastu consultant. He can be reached at [email protected]

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