Post-Poll Development Dreams

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Post-Poll Development Dreams


No matter how, the elections have concluded. Now, it’s almost certain that Nepal's development will take a leap forward. If you don't believe it, take a look at the parties' election manifestoes. One, the manifestoes make it clear that the country cannot remain in the status quo any more. Another thing is the number of ministers will reach 150 if you include the ministers, assistant ministers and state ministers at the centre and the provinces. Similarly, there will be 825 parliamentarians in the federal parliament and provincial assemblies, apart from the 59 lawmakers in the National Assembly. Let's hope they won't pass the time by swatting flies or dozing off in parliament like they did till now!      

Now, there will not just be one government but more than 700 governments, including those at the central, provincial and local levels. The constitution itself has divided the country into three levels, empowering each level to give services to the people. Even if the central government is in a mess, the provincial and local governments will function for five years, until the next elections. Also, as the election results have shown, it will be difficult for parties with just one parliamentarian to obstruct the House - something they easily did in the past. It will be equally difficult for certain parliamentarians to help sink their own government and then jump off the proverbial sinking ship like rats. Needless to say, many such 'rat parliamentarians' lost the elections this time!      
Yes, the manifestoes of almost all parties may read like mere wish lists. But, good thing is that you can read them when you are feeling bored because the manifestoes are also like joke books! Those who have been elected have been elected for just five years. But they have promised projects that will be completed in the next 25 years! Some politicians have promised development projects which won't be completed in their lifetime! See how confident they are of themselves and their parties! See how thoughtfully these manifestoes have been made! The so-called democratic countries can learn a lot from our politicians and their parties.     

But there are not just jokes. The most interesting thing in the manifestoes is the promise that the new government will eradicate corruption. This must surely not be a joke. Previous governments too talked about rooting out corruption. But this time the parties have said so with an unprecedented confidence. This means they not only know the corrupt but have also wined and dined with them! So, this time they look sure to catch the corrupt. It seems things are going to be interesting now!     

The politicians and their parties had hinted at the post-poll development in the country early on, i.e. while issuing the election tickets. The priorities were clearly set while giving the tickets. That's why many billionaires and gangsters were given the election tickets! If the issuing of election tickets or preparation of the manifestoes or the electoral speeches of the politicians are anything to go by, then it can be clearly said now that the days of hardship for Nepalis are gone now. Now the country is sure to take a leap in development.

Will the Bihari-style Nepali politicians who care about nothing more than amassing wealth for themselves work towards materialising the development and prosperity dreams of the Nepali people? This is a very valid question. The country lacks various infrastructures including transmission lines. Will the government be able to arrange the investment required for this? Do the penny-wise pound-foolish Nepali politicians have the vision and plan for developing the country? There are many who are asking these questions.

However, we don't need to rack our brains with these questions because Nepal's new constitution itself has guaranteed the country's development. The constitution talks about taking the country towards socialism. This has been clearly mentioned in the very preamble of the constitution. 

When socialism is the goal, how can the country remain undeveloped?

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