The Picture Perfect LG 4k OLED TVs

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The Picture Perfect LG 4k OLED TVs

After championing the global TV market with new technologies over the years, LG has yet again taken the center-stage with its 4K OLED TV range. The ultra high definition televisions from the Korean consumer electronics major incorporate some of the most advanced technologies to delight the eyes of the viewers. 

In Nepal, CG Electronics, the authorised distributor of LG in the country, has introduced different models of LG OLED TVs.

What is OLED?
OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is an advanced display technology in which each pixel in an OLED display constitutes of material that glows when supplied with electricity. This results in lesser heat dissipation and better display resolution with high levels of picture details, colour depths and contrast. 

Design and Picture Quality
LG has designed the OLED TVs in such a way that viewers can enjoy exceptional picture quality even from wide viewing angles. LG OLED TVs come with self-lighting pixels to achieve perfect black and infinite contrast. The black and dark scenes can be viewed in a more realistic way as the OLED pixels can automatically adjust the level of brightness and dimness very fast. LG OLED TVs can produce 68 billion colours and support up to 12-bit processing compared to the 8-bit processing of the conventional televisions which can only produce a maximum of 16 million colours. Additionally, LG OLED 4K TVs also support standard HDR and Dolby Vision.  Meanwhile, some of the flagship LG TV models even come with the unique Picture-on-Glass technology, an innovative TV design being used by LG to manufacture super slim and sleek televisions. 

LG is not only focusing on manufacturing TVs with amazing features. The company has launched both curved and flat screen OLED TVs in a range of sizes. The TVs can be placed as wall-mounted or tabletops to become centerpiece of the home décor. 

Music to Ears!
Similarly, viewers can have theater like sound quality at home as the LG OLED TVs offer high definition audio quality for pleasurable hearing experiences. The TVs are equipped with the exclusive Harman Kardon’s sound technology to enthrall the cinematic experience of viewers.   

The fact that LG has already received the prestigious ‘Ultra HD Premium Certification’ from Dolby Vision for the OLED TVs is itself a testimony of the quality of LG products. 

In addition, all LG OLED TVs offer 4K resolutions that help to deliver perfect black and cinematic colour and beautiful Ultra HD picture display. Quite confident with the products, LG claims that other OLED TV brands cannot simply compete with LG OLED TVs when it comes to features and benefits. The new generation TVs from the Korean company has been receiving critical acclaim from major international tech portals. The popular US technology website c|net, for instance, has hailed LG for the OLED TVs stating the display quality as “The best TV picture money can buy!”  

It is said that money can’t buy happiness. But buying LG OLED TVs will take viewers to a whole new level of viewing, which is no less than being happy. The 55-inch OLED 4K UHD Smart TV is available at Rs 855,990, while the 55-inch curved Smart 3D OLED TV carries a price tag of Rs 617,899 in the Nepali market.

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