Hotel Annapurna View : Rejuvenation on the Lap of Mother Nature

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Hotel Annapurna View : Rejuvenation on the Lap of Mother Nature

A new hotel in Pokhara is set to create a buzz with it ideally located between the city and the mountains.

What could make a travel freak happier than finding an amazing place blessed with wonderful scenery, and not far from the core city? A place where travellers can rejuvenate in luxurious surroundings and hospitality after a tiring trip, or begin a journey with wonderful views of breathtaking natural beauty. These questions are answered by an upcoming newly built luxury hotel in Pokhara.

Situated on the majestic hill of Sarangkot, Pokhara, Hotel Annapurna View can be a great holiday destination for travellers. Annapurna View which sits at an altitude of 1,600 m above sea level offers a sense of adventure from the very start of the journey to the hotel. Travellers will feel that they are in the wild at the very beginning, as they have to drive through a wild and rugged landscape to reach the hotel punctuated by sunrays piercing the mountain gaps and striking Fewa Lake.

The hotel, which is opening in December, has a definite wow factor as its offers stunning scenery due to its amazing location. The hotel has classified its accommodation service into four different types – Deluxe, Suite, Deluxe Suite and Royal Suite. All of the rooms which are perfectly designed to provide maximum comfort will definitely help tired guests to rejuvenate in a very relaxing way. 

And who can understand what travellers need more than a person whose experience in the hotel industry covers more than 20 years. Sharad Satyal, the CEO of the hotel has worked in different hotels and resorts over his lifetime and says he has invested all his experience into making the place a paradise for travellers.

Satyal believes that his experience in the hospitality sector will come handy when serving people at the hotel. There are quite a lot of hotels in the Pokhara area, which obviously is competition for any hotelier. This fact doesn’t panic Satyal, as he is confident that the peaceful location of his hotel will be able to attract numbers of visitors.

“Yes, there are quite a lot of hospitality businesses in Pokhara, but we have never thought about this as our hotel is at some distance from the hustle and bustle of the core city. A peaceful area has always been the first choice of travellers in any part of the world,” he says.

Deluxe, Suite and Deluxe Suites rooms have private balconies from where nature lovers can enjoy amazing views of the mountains and valleys. Likewise, the Royal Suite has been designed with a contemporary and refined feel where guests can easily forget the crowded city and their hectic schedules. 

The hotel also targets beyond the high spending tourists. Annapurna View Hotel is planning to offer everything for middle income Nepali’s also. According to Satyal, it has plans to bring offers to middle income travellers in the off-season. “We also want to offer Nepali’s middle income travellers schemes to enjoy international standard hospitality service, in their own country,” he says.

Satyal says the hotel is also ideal for a day or night out as it has well managed restaurants, bar and seminar hall. Annapurna View Hotel has two restaurants– Shiristi Restaurant and Sansar Restaurant – and a bar named ‘Robin’ will not fail to stun visitors by offering both local and international fare. Shristi Restaurant which serves visitors different cuisines from across the world has both in-door and out-door space.

Then restaurant also caters to special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries with a special dinner setup at the pool side terrace in the attendance of a personal chef and butler. The hotel has put an emphasis on making its restaurant a romantic destination.

With its amazing location, the hotel also provides different facilities to explore the natural beauty of the surrounding area. It has its own helipad from where guests can take thrilling mountain helicopter rides. Annapurna Base Camp, when travelling via helicopter takes only a mere 20 minutes from the hotel. 

The hotel is fully focused on making guests feel as if they have chosen the right place to stay. Guests can start an amazing hike to the Himalayas, as the trail is just a 30 minute drive away from the hotel. 

Satyal says he wants guests to remember this place for years and with its various facilities and ongoing development Hotel Annapurna View will, without doubt, leave its mark.