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“The awards are a token of encouragement for education excellence”​

Madan Lamsal, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, New Business Age GroupMadan Lamsal
Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, New Business Age Group

This is an event to honor the business schools that have been producing efficient future managers for our country. Nepal has immense resources, fertile lands, hardworking people and satisfactory level of financial capital. The only thing lacking is efficient management. A country is considered rich and developed not because of the available resources. It is the efficient use of resources that makes a country developed. This is where the business schools have a role to play. We duly recognise the importance of impartiality and credibility of the rating and ranking for such awards. New Business Age has put every possible effort in maintaining professionalism and independence of the jury and respect their findings and decisions based on multiple relevant evaluation parameters. The jury panel for these awards comprised of experts from diverse areas including human resource managers, educationists, professionals of various fields and consultants. We have seen them working very hard, holding a number of meetings, consulting several best practices from different sources from across the globe and selecting various relevant parameters to use them in our context. Finally, the jury panel selected 18 best schools under eight different categories for the awards. No one from the New Business Age or any of the sponsors or collaborators had any say at all on the selection process. Only a small core team from among us provided secretarial supports to the jury honestly and confidentially.

We salute the dedication, commitment and hard work of all the business schools of the country and teachers and other professionals associated with them. They are the unseen and unsung heroes of the b-school education excellence in Nepal. We are not passing any judgment about their achievements. The awards are rather a token of encouragement to the educational institutions to do the best.


“B-schools are a right platform for the development of businesses and society”​

Someshwar Seth,  CEO, Everest Bank LimitedSomeshwar Seth 
CEO, Everest Bank Limited

Everest Bank always believes that the society is driven by the youths and their energy. And, business schools are a right platform for the development of business as well as society. Everest Bank is proud to be associated with the National B-schools Rating-Ranking-Awards 2017. This is our third year of association with this event. We would like to thank New Business Age for providing us with this wonderful opportunity. The only thing I want to say to the students is that only hard work pays in the long run and education never gets wasted in life. 

Everest Bank has been providing banking services all over Nepal. We have about 500 branches or ‘touch points’ across the country. We will be happy to be associated with the schools and colleges in those areas and to help the students complete their studies.






“Good initiative to promote B-schools and facilitate new ideas in management education”​

John Rodrigues, Country Manager Oman AirJohn Rodrigues
Country Manager
Oman Air

Overall, the programme was very good. Addition of a little more professionalism would have made the event excellent. It is a good initiative especially to promote B-schools and facilitate new academic ideas in management. We need more B-schools in Nepal so that the students need not travel abroad for higher studies. Programme like this will help universities to add more professionalism and improve their curriculums so that not only the flight of Nepali students will stop but also foreign students will get attracted towards the education in Nepal. 








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