Best Print Advertising Award to Business Advantage

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Best Print Advertising Award to Business Advantage

Business Advantage has bagged the 'Best Print Advertising Award'. The advertising agency was declared as the winner for its advertising design of Nabil Bank. The awards were presented on various categories amid a ceremony organised by New Business Age at Hotel Shangri-La on July 14. The winners were selected on the basis of their creativity in advertisement published in last 13 issues of the the New Business Age magazine.

The second prize was awarded to Thompson Nepal for its advertisement design of telecom operator Ncell. Prismark Advertising was named as the third winner for its advertising design of Hyundai Nepal’s promotion. Similarly, Applied Value Pvt Ltd won the fourth prize for the advertisement design of Subisu Cable. Likewise, the Special Recognition Award was given to Water Comm Company while other six companies received merit awards.

The award ceremony was organised with a purpose to encourage the creativity of the advertisement agencies. The selected advertisements were standout works of creativity among more than 500 advertisements published in New Business Age from June 2016-July 2017. The jury members for the awards were Professor Dr Bhoj Raj Aryal, Abhay Pandey and Balaram Jana.

"The awards were solely given on the basis of the creativity of the advertisement agencies for the particular advertisement in the given period rather than any other elements of the advertisement agencies including their reputation," said jury member Abhaya Pandey. He added that the advertisements made in Nepal were given special attention for the awards.

"The programme has been organised for the third time in a bid to promote the creativity of advertisements made in Nepal," said Madan Lamsal, CEO of New Business Age Pvt Ltd.  He shared that New Business Age will keep on organising similar kind of programmes in the days to come.

Likewise, Santosh Shrestha, president of Advertising Agency of Nepal (AAN), shared that though the business fraternity also organises such programmes, it is more encouraging for them to see the media houses organising such kind of programmes.  

Darwin's Philosophy and its Effects on Advertisement
The award function started with an interaction about 'Novelty, Emotion, Women and Sex in Advertising' and the effects of advertisement in human mind.  Sandesh Dhakal, professor at TU and an expert on Darwin’s philosophy, was the key speaker while industry analyst Abhaya Pandey was the moderator for the programme. The audiences who were from business, advertisement and media fraternity enjoyed the discussion about the psychology of the consumers and factors that attract the consumers towards the advertisement of the brand. The discussion was focused on novelty, emotion, women and sex in advertisement and their impacts on consumers.  AAN President Shrestha shared that the professionals in advertising agencies learned many new things and also gained knowledge about Darwinian perspective on advertisement through the discussion.

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