To Young Students of Management

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Young people should understand the importance of academic qualification, the opportunities it generates, and the skills it imparts.


Times change, situations change and hence choices change. One new development attracting students in the field of education is management studies. This might be because of globalisation. Globalisation has made the world highly competitive which makes it important for each individual to be more competitive and efficient. Young people should understand the importance of academic qualification, the opportunities it generates, the skills it imparts, and the impact it can have on their lives and on society. They should try to excel themselves to be the right kind of person with the right kind of skills. For this management studies is one of the best options providing a set of knowledge and skills that can help an individual make a successful transition to the work place in this globalised world.

Determination: Determination today leads to success tomorrow. It paves the way towards success. If you are self-determined nothing holds you back. It overcomes your mental blocks and always motivates you to achieve what you aspire for. Self-determination helps you to focus on positive aspects whatever the condition/situation. It gives you positive vibes that can transform your life as well as the life of the people around you. 

Hardwork: No one can rise suddenly in this world, not even the sun. The results you bring are not by the position that you hold today but the amount of hard work you put in and the number of obstacles that you overcome to reach your goal. There is no short cut to success. Hard work with an intense desire to struggle and to achieve something is the only sure shot way of reaching success. 

Stop Making Excuses: Excuses are rationalisations people make. Living a life with excuses not only prevents you from reaching your full potential, but also holds you back from recognising opportunities, talents and skills to overcome your problems. If you don’t challenge yourself to reach new heights, you will never really know what you’re capable of. So, start looking for the solutions. There is always a way. It may not be exactly how you picture it, but if you just start, you'll get there. 

Confidence: Some people are born with it, some people have to work for it. Confidence overcomes fear. Believing in yourself allows you to rise up and reach your full potential. It is the foundation of success. It is the key to accomplishing your goal and stretching yourself beyond your existing comfort zone. 

Studious: Studying on a daily basis helps you get into the depth of the topic. It not only advances you academically but also improves concentration. It enables you to gradually progress from studying materials with which you are familiar to topics you have never encountered before. This is the perfect key to excel in and to contribute to the existing stock of knowledge. 

Focused: Being focused means being able to pay attention to your goals and to control the distractions that life puts in your path. It helps you clarify what you have to do and to achieve your goals through commitment.  Being focused makes you feel more positive in your life. It is the starting point that will determine where you want to be.

The writer is a Research Assistant at Uniglobe College and an MBA graduate from the same institution. 


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