Processing the Paper

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The handmade paper Lokta is among the major handicraft products of Nepal. It is made from the inner barks of Daphne Bhoula and Daphne Papyracea that are commonly known as ‘Nepali Paper Plants’. 

The Friendship Paper Industry located at Khopasi of Kavre is among the district’s main Lokta paper producers. The company has been supplying its products to various government offices alongside merchandise and handicraft makers. It has also been exporting the paper to the United States.   

Extraction of the paper pulp starts with boiling of the inner bark of Lokta with jute (1,2,3). The pulp is obtained which is washed using clean water after it undergoes the process of mixing (4). The pulp is now ready which is dissolved into water (5). The pulp is then layered evenly in wooden frames that are then left to dry in sun (6,7,8,9,10). The paper is now ready and undergoes a process of rolling in steel sheets after which the finished products are ready for supply (11).  

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