Buyology : Truth and Lies About Why We Buy

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With the obvious pun in the title, Martin Lindstom’s study on our buying habits, ‘Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy’, sets out to reweigh and reexamine the pulling power that products have on us and why we buy them. The backbone of the book is built on top pedigree research- the support of 20 leading scientists, seven-million-dollar neuromarketing 

study, a cutting-edge experiment that peered inside the brains of 2,000 volunteers from U.S., the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and China, and three years of study by Lindstrom and his global team.

The book debunks many common assumptions entrenched for years in the minds of shoppers, advertisers, marketers and other field experts. Famous brands such as Tiffany, Apple, Marlboro, American Idol, Corona and more, are the trigger-products used in Lindstrom’s brain scan findings to reveal what is really going on in our minds when we see or think about a product.

And flying against the face of convention, the results of his study may surprise and astonish readers, forcing a rethinking of accepted notions about why we buy.  ‘Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy’ is a captivating book and a fascinating look into the psychology behind product selling and in turn into our psyche.

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