GG Machaan, Definitely Different

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GG Machaan, Definitely Different

Restaurants come and go. But when GG Machaan is playing host, it's wise to never say no.

--By Aashiyana Adhikari

Many restaurants claim to do things differently, from letting you order from a computer or handing a menu thick as a book or suggesting you to try the chef's specials. But have you ever wondered however different a restaurant might be, how many times are you actually walking out of it thinking of going back? You were there to experiment. You came, you had fun, but you don’t see a need to do it again. GG Machaan, is in every sense of the word, an experiment. But it’s also an experiment you will go back to again and again.

Established in 2011, GG Machaan is located at the restaurant hub of Jhamsikhel. Spread across two ropanis of land, this restaurant has 21 employees.  With trees planted all over and the dining area resembling a big tree house, GG Machaan gives you the feeling of having your food in the woods.

This modern space remains as bright and welcoming as you remember it, with staff who are not only knowledgeable about what’s on the menu, but actually excited and proud to be talking about it. There are plenty of tables dotting the dining room along with a fantastic big group dinner table or the sleek counter to cozy up to with a date. 

The menu is one of those that just goes on to list mouth-watering items, leaving you to guess which one to eat and which not to. It is a place vibrant enough for a happy hour pop-in, yet intimate enough for after-dark canoodling over caviar and cocktails. Starting your dining experience with a salad won't do you any harm, as the Chef's Salad prepared with cooked cold julienned ham, chicken, cheese, lettuce, capsicum, tomato, celery, boiled egg and olive sauce is as appetising as it can be. Placing an order for snacks is a tough choice as everything on the menu is very captivating but among them the Melting Pakauda from the vegetarian side is a must try.

Should you still find yourself at odds with the idea of eating two different types of meat stuffed into one, know that this is at the very least one of the best places to get a cocktail of food in this town, thanks to a meticulous and inventive chef. The Chicken Cordon Bleu is one suchlip-smacking dish which is prepared by stuffing ham and cheese into the chicken fillet. International delicacies like Polloalla Griglia prepared by marinating grilled chicken with fresh herbs in red wine sauce served with mashed potatoes and buttered vegetables and the rustic Italian classic Spaghetti Aglio e Olio prepared from a simple recipe with a blend of extra virgin olive oil, garlic and chili flakes will be a treat to your palate.

If you’re thinking about getting a plate of pork for the grill here, this is the one. The Pork BBQ is a stunner. Another fantastic dish is the Ostrich Fajita which is prepared with shredded soft ostrich meat garnished with orange BBQ sauce. The Indian food plated up here is also praiseworthy. With delicacies like DilKhush Kofta and Chicken Croquetes you can't afford to miss the Indian flavours served at GG Machaan. And don't miss the tempting Jhol MoMo! Ending your feast with a mouth watering homemade brownie is an excellent choice. 

All in all you’re going to order too much food for your table and you’re going to be perfectly OK with that. After all, it’s just one big party anyway. And when GG Machaan is playing host, it's wise to never say no. So please, cancel that reservation at your mediocre neighbourhood spot, and go support an actually fantastic restaurant. Not because you need to, but because you just like eating well.

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