Delightful Dining at Patio 747

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Delightful Dining at Patio 747

If Patio 747 was an airline its menu would be the biggest jumbo of them all. Get ready to jet off on an expansive food journey.

--By Aashiyana Adhikari

While walking into Patio 747, you are immediately hit with one question - why aren’t there more places like this in Kathmandu? Situated exactly opposite the UNESCO World Heritage listed Boudhanath Stupa, Patio entertains local people to foreign expats. Established just a year ago in 2015, this place feels modern and sleek. 

If this seems at all overwhelming, relax. Not only will most dishes feel more familiar than you might expect, but the staff at Patio 747 will also be ready to answer even the very obvious questions. Patiently explaining how to order while remaining unbelievably nice is an art form they’ve clearly perfected. And sure, the interior is bright and cheerful and very ready to be photographed, but what's more important is that Patio 747 is incredibly welcoming and laid-back, the kind of place you could see yourself hanging out in with friends a couple of nights a week. If this all sounds too serious, it's not. From its airy interior to its attentive staff, Patio keeps things moving brilliantly. And that's why you’ll be so surprised when you look at the clock and notice that two and a half hours have passed. You won’t want to leave. 

To say that the menu at Patio 747 is expansive is an understatement. You'll find everything from Crispy Chicken Salad to Keema Naan. The food and bar menu of this restaurant is never ending, from mouth-watering deserts to appetizing main courses, Patio has got it all. One of the unique dishes that this cafe serves is Cheese Naan which tastes so mesmerising that you will crave for more. The tasty Tofu Satay with peanut sauce is another unique dish rarely found in eateries around the city. Another one is their Tibetan dish Tenthuk, which is packed with flavour.

On the non- vegetarian side the Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Sauce with its luscious taste will steal your heart away.If you are a soup maniac, than this is the right place for you. Serving over ten varieties of delicious soup, Patio spoons out Mushroom, Butter Spinach and Corn soup among others. Not only this, the restaurant also offers a wide variety of curries and gravy based dishes which can be taken with either Naan or rice. The Chicken Butter Masala and Fish Curry is a must try from the non vegetarian section and moving on to the vegetarian side the Garlic Tofu and Palaak Paneer is simply delicious. 

The most adventurous entree on the menu is also one of the tastiest. The name Momo Sizzler may not be very familiar to everybody, but those who try it will be rewarded.

"We offer our customers a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages," says Dharmendra Shrestha Co-founder of the restaurant, adding,"We even serve wines like Lambrusco and Gossip White from Italy and Australia." Patio is a heaven for people who are into beverages.

Who doesn't love to please their sweet tooth? You are guaranteed to get smitten with the flavours in the sweet courses. Apple Honey Cake is the signature cake of the restaurant with a pleasant taste. Sachertorte cake served here is sweet-toned witha portion of unsweetened whipped cream.You can’t pass up the Holland Tart in liquid form, so we obviously couldn’t pass it up in cake form. A classic, citrusy Dutch Apple Pie is a great way to end the meal.

And it’s that kind of flexibility that has allowed Patio 747, to thrive amongst Boudhhanath Stupa’s massive reconstruction. This area is changing faster than any in the city, but we hope Patio 747 stays just the way it is.Definitely drop in for an amazing food safari at reasonable prices.

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