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Bestselling books on business usually have something remarkable about them. And when the subject of the book itself is to draw attention to the remarkable then it has to be something special.

Seth Godin’s ‘Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable’ has received cult status, lining the shelves of business students to corporate leaders across the globe. Precise and to the point it’s all about the catchphrase make it new, the byword for progress and evolution and, in this case, innovation.

The key to success the book tells us is to create something unique or remarkable out of the morass of the everyday clutter of products and advertising. By following this dictum then you can create a purple cow.

But here is where the book gets interesting. It doesn’t push forward the generally accepted notion that you have to be superior or better than the competition to succeed. The fundamental thing is to simply be different so that people sit up and take notice and start talking about your product.

In the book, Godin points out that mega successful brands like IKEA, Starbucks, SAP, Krispy Kreme, Jet Blue, Google are all built on remarkable products that get talked about.  As Godin sums up his view, “Traditional marketing isn’t working anymore.  The old virtuous circle of ‘buy ads – get distribution – sell product – buy ads…’ no longer pays.  The solution?  Stop advertising and start innovating.  What you need to build your brand is a remarkable product or service.”

As inspiring self-help books go Purple Cow is up there with the best of them. It works as that extra tonic to make marketers and brand managers think different and innovate, going outside the comfort zone.

Book Title    :    Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable
Author    :     Seth Godin 
Page    :     160 
Publisher    :     Penguin Publishing Group


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