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Golchha Organisation, one of the prominent business houses of the country, has moved to a new location in Naxal. The new corporate headquarters which the Organisation shifted to six months ago, has an area totaling 12,000 square feet. Currently 170 staff from various business entities under the Golchha Organisation are working in the building. With adequate parking space, the office building can house up to 14 cars and 350-400 two-wheelers. The office building houses five companies – Him electronics, Hulas Investment, Hester Biosciences, Hansraj Hulaschand and Hulas Autocraft.

Every floor of the five storied building is designed as per a theme. The theme of the first floor is ‘Ropai’ (transplanting) which is the beginning of a life cycle. ‘Celebration’ is the theme of the second floor where the walls are artistically decorated with the pictures of cultural dances organised during festival celebrations. The third floor is the executive floor with the theme of mountains where photos taken by Shekhar Golchha, Executive Director of Golchha Organisation, are portrayed. The cafeteria is on the third floor with the open kitchen system.

The building has nine meeting rooms each named after a lake in Nepal such as Tilicho, Rara, Phewa and many more. The building also houses 7 to 8 closed offices.  Every room of the building is well lit and airy. Greenery is well taken care of with plants in every corner of the building. The restrooms are designed exclusively with well equipped facilities. Although having a minimalistic design this corporate building is very well built with modern day facilities.

Sekhar Golchha

Golchha Organization

Sr. Photographer : Rukesh Shrestha
Asst. Photographer : Sagar Basnet

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