Cafereena,Affordable, Amazing

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Cafereena,Affordable, Amazing

--By Aashiyana Adhikari

It’s said, part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside and remember one’s body isn’t a temple, it’s an amusement park. Enjoy the ride. Serving more than 60 plus items, Cafereena guarantees one a roller coaster ride.

Established in 2002, Cafereena is a multi cuisine restaurant located at Sherpa Mall- Durbarmarg having outlets at Jhamsikhel and Maharajgunj. Cafereena is a well-laid out eatery, where you can choose to laze with a combination of dishes and liquor. At the sharp-edged marble bar, cocktails are infused with tea and spices and made with a care that overcomes goofy names like ‘Transcendental Medication.’

Kishore Raj Pandey, the owner and first star Nepali General Manager, has always been a driving force. His multi-cuisine Cafereena has amazing food at affordable prices.

With no super fancy décor, Cafereena attracts its customers only with minimalistic restaurant design. It can host up to 360 people at a single time with indoor and outdoor seating options. Along with the excellent food menu that Cafereena already serves, the restaurant has added hot and spicy Toyo Karaage items too. 

The restaurant’s Lasagna is simple yet delicious. The addition of ricotta and parmesan cheese adds extra flavour making it a truly Italian dish. The different salads like Fruit Salad, Garlic Cucumber salad, Insalta Italian, Salad De Ruse, Chef’s Special Salad are a must try. The fried chicken is inspired by the “popcorn” style of chicken sold at night markets in Taiwan- boneless hunks of meat perfumed with Chinese five-spice, with a chewiness just under the surface.

Who would have guessed a multi cuisine restaurant serving Newari dishes? Cafereena serves you flavoursome Newari dishes like Chicken Chowela, Mushroom Chowela, Allu Sadeko. Likewise, with the variety of food that it serves, you could eat a 100 percent vegetarian meal here and be totally satisfied.

Meat and fish dishes here are equally rewarding. Barbeque Trout Fish is a meal that one must go and try, just to enjoy the exquisite flavour. Todd Barry an American stand-up comedian, actor and voice actor once said, “I love chicken. I would eat chicken fingers on Thanksgiving if it were socially acceptable.” Chicken is the true definition of love for almost everyone. Here at Cafereena one gets to try a variety of chicken dishes. 

Being a multi cuisine restaurant they serve Indian to Japanese flavoured chicken items. From Chicken Biryani to Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Tikka, Chicken curry, Chicken butter masala and Garlic Chicken, you find it all. The good wholesome Indian flavours are lip smacking good. The hot and spicy taste brings true Indian food to your plate.

 A fried chicken franchise from Nakatsu, Japan in Nepal, Toyo Karaage items are also served in Cafereena. Who would not want to eat mouth watering flavoured wings, be it Hot and Sweet Karaage Wings, Hot and Sour Karaage or just wings with Tartar sauce after a long shopping spree at the fancy branded shops at Durbarmarg? “After adding Toyo Karaage, the flow of young people has increased to a certain extent,” says, Pandey adding, “Fried Chicken Lolly and Fried Chicken Breast are some of the favourites among the youths.”

Cafereena also introduced some items that have become popular among Nepali foodies today.  The restaurant was the first to introduce the momo platter, a set four or five differently prepared momos, in the country. Served with typical momo sauce, the momos will leave you wanting another platter. This is surely the most happening place for a momo maniac as they serve 25 plus varieties of momo, from peanut momo to paneer momo you get it all here. Being a vegetarian himself, Pandey lists the varieties of vegetarian momo one can get and go home with a happy satisfied tummy. 

Spaghetti Al fungi, Bolognaise and Nepolitana are dishes that you can’t miss if you have an appetite for an Italian meal. This food nourishes body and soul by celebrating fresh ingredients prepared with love.

Not to forget the amiable Lassi, said to be a favourite among customers. With excellent customer service and marvelous food Cafereena will leave you craving for more. So, Yes to Cafereena and its mouth watering flavours!

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