Opple LED : Perfect Lighting Solutions

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Opple LED : Perfect Lighting Solutions

--By Krishana Prasain

Recently, G.P. Trading Concern under Triveni Group opened a showroom of Opple LED lights in Putalisadak, Kathmandu. The specialised company provides sustainable lighting solutions for an emerging energy saving conscious market in Nepal. 

According the company the Opple lights are cost effective and energy saving- up to 88 percent- and is environment and user friendly. “Opple has a life guaranty for up to five years and is mercury free which is good from an environmental aspect. Plus the bulb does not heat up when it is switched on,” says Pallavi Jogal, Senior Manager Treiveni Byapar. Similarly, the lights are built on flicker free technology which does not harm the eyes. 

Opple’s services include the design, supply, project management and maintenance of lighting services for retail, industrial, property management, hospitality and a host of other applications covering all spectrums of the market.

Opple LED Utility Bulbs come in a broad range of sizes, wattages and caps. The bulb has a wide light diffusion angle up to 280 degrees and is energy efficient. Utility bulbs saves up to 85 percent compared to incandescent bulbs and 40 percent compared to CFLs. The bulbs are available in 3, 4 and 6 watts.

Likewise, Eco Max Bulb has features like long lifespan, install and forget and wide life diffusion angle up to 300 degrees. The bulb lasts 20 times longer than an incandescent bulb, and has up to 20 years of lifetime. Eco Max is available in 4.5W.

Another is the Wide Voltage Bulb with the same features as Eco Max and is available in 7 and 9 watts. 

Similarly, the LED Tubes are built with advanced coating technology. The bulb has features such as flicker free driver, LED dummy starter. The light is even and balanced with stress free ambient lighting. LED Tubes prevent over heating towards the end of its lifespan and saves up to 60 percent energy compared to conventional T8 tubes. The tube lasts twice as long as conventional T8 tubes with electromagnetic system.  It is used especially in parking, office, hotel and shopping malls. The tubes are available in 9 and 18 watts.

Opple’s Downlights range has features such as integrated driver, optimized diffuser design and IP44 protection rating. The major benefit of Downlights is that it is resistance to humidity. The Downlights range is available in round and square sizes.

In the same way the Spot Recessed range has wide voltage mains output and has high power factor of 0.8. The light saves 80 percent energy compares to halogen PAR lamps.

The company’s Panel Light has a steel unibody, high lumen 90 Im/W, power factor of 0.98 and is flicker free. The light has benefits like durable enclosure, saves up to 50 percent energy and provides stress free lighting. It is used in libraries, conference rooms, schools.

Other standout Oppel products are LED Spot Track Performer, LED Water Proof performer, LED Spot 2wEco Max, LED Flood Light Eco Max, LED Downlight HR, Radiance, FZ, PP.  

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