Kantipur Valley College : A Launch Pad to Success

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Kantipur Valley College : A Launch Pad to Success

Jeetendra Amatya Vice Principal, KVCJeetendra Amatya
Vice Principal, KVC

Back in 1981 just another non-descript school was established in Kathmandu, in a capital city full of schools. But it all changed in 2002 when the school changed into a higher education institution becoming Kantipur Valley College (KVC). And for the past 13 years it has been providing high quality education in management in graduate and undergraduate levels. 

“The idea for starting the college came from my father, Pushpa Man Amatya, who is also the principal of the college," says Jeetendra Amatya, vice principal of KVC. And in 2002, KVC began its journey as a full-fledged business college with BBA programmes. Pushpa Man Amatya is highly reputed name among educators, not only in Lalitpur, but also in the country's high education.

Like any new institution, it started off small. “The college had only 8 BBA students at the start,” recalls Amatya. Today, more than 800 students fill its corridors and classrooms.

Over the years the courses offered by KVC (which is affiliated to Purbanchal University) have grown exponentially. Education at a reasonable cost is the working mantra of the college. Today it has courses in B-Tech (Biotechnology), Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA), Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA),” says Amatya with obvious pride.

“We hold the belief that the college is a multicultural, co-educational and open minded learning centre where students are not just prepared academically but are also taught to face the emerging challenges in the modern world,” he adds.

Located at Kumaripati, Lalitpur, KVC strives to provide a holistic and progressive education, producing well cultured, independent minded, self disciplined, self aware, morally responsible, intellectually bright and socially outstanding citizens. 

“It is a matter of pride for us that on our journey so far we have produced many top class candidates who are now employed in different reputed organisations,“ states Amatya. 

Why KVC?
KVC is one of the colleges in the capital with a reasonable cost structure. It sees it mission as to provide quality education with direct benefits for its students at a very minimum cost. It is also one of the toppers (with CGPA 4) among the Purbanchal University affiliated colleges and students themselves seem to refer other students to join KVC. 

Certain promotional schemes of the college stand out. The new scheme for EMBA students is a case in point. “EMBA students have to pay Rs 200,000 in the beginning and after two years of payment, the student will get Rs 150,000 as a refund," reveals Amatya. He adds that such promotional schemes have immediate  benefits for the students and long term benefits for the college.

"KVC focuses on skills development along with academic excellence. Like in foreign colleges, students of BBA, MBA can create small jobs while at college and get incentives," Amatya says. According to him, the EMBA course has attracted students who have already worked at the executive level like bankers, bank CEOs, heads of IT departments, vice-principals of colleges and young business entrepreneurs with their own businesses.

New Directions
At the start, trying to fulfill student demand was a little difficult for the college. “As time passed we have gotten over many hurdles and there will be many more in the days to come,” says Amatya. But the outlook remains positive. Seeking to broaden its appeal, KVC is coming up with many additional courses like Hotel Management, Information Technology and Engineering.

The college also has aspirations to be granted the status of a deemed university. Amatya says that though policies and guidelines still need to be put in place. 

Job Placement
Most of the students become involved in the banking sector. The college says, students who have passed from KVC have given a positive response regarding their future jobs. Till date, internship and job placements are easy for KVC students. 

CSR Activities
Kantipur Valley College sees the business fair as part of its corporate social responsibility. The college actively participates in fairs organised by other colleges. “Our college is fully dedicated to provide support for the deserving students." Similarly, Sanjay Pandit BBA student in KVC, now recognised as a Nepali long distance runner who has also successfully traversed the peaks of seven continents, has expressed his happiness at KVC for launching his career, says Amatya.

SWOT Analysis
• Trust of students
• Belief of Faculty Members
• Strong relationship between management and faculty members

• KVC aims to have modern equipped and updated library for students 
• Common library for Purbanchal University affiliated college

• Great opportunity for creating university

• Update with tim

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