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Self-Reliant Economy: Myth Vs Reality
The cover story Self-reliant Economy: Myth Vs Reality (NBA Nov 2015) was a timely read. Lately or early the issue ‘self-reliant economy’ was needed to be raised but I had not thought it would come like this. It seems to be almost impossible to be self-reliant but we can create an opportunity from it so that other countries can also be dependent on us. The sad part is we are ignoring what we have and rather than utilising our resources we are waiting for others to come and do everything for us. If we start taking small steps now then the future we want will be achievable.

- Juju Maharjan, Patan

Sakchyam Appreciated
I never fail to read the Interview in your magazine. Baljit Vohra’s interview about Sakchyam (NBA Nov 2015) made me appreciate the objective of Sakchyam as they are helping to build financial capacity at the local level. Nepal is a developing country and after the promulgation of the New Constitution this year the possibilities in the development sector has increased even more. With an organization like Sakchyam our rural villages can be made financially capable, also generating opportunities for employment etc at the local level. 

- Sirju Tamang, Dhading

Management Gyan
I read all three Management Gyan(s) by Vaijayanti Khare, Roshee Lamichhane Bhusal and Dwaipayan Regmi, ‘Inside the Organizational Mind’, ‘Management Research: Myth vs Reality’ and ‘Skepticism on TeliaSonera’s Strategic Move’ respectively (NBA Nov 2015). All articles provided information in a broad way. With changes over time in business, the procedure of doing business too is changing. Similarly, we often regard research as only getting the result; we never think of doing purposeful research from where we can gain knowledge too. 

- Soni Nepal, Bhaisepati

Indian Inhumane Blockade
This is in regard to the article ‘The Indian Economic Blockade and Nepal’s Strategic Rethink about its Special Relations’ by Madhukar SJB Rana (NBA Nov 2015). First of all to blockade any land-locked country is not justice and the next thing is that no country has the right to interfere in another’s internal affairs. In the case of this blockade, India has violated all the above. Criticism must be leveled at the Indian Pm also for prolonging this situation. Now we are hearing of Indian security personnel ‘just happening’ to enter our country without any permission. This is insufferable! These kinds of acts really do not help to solve the problem and instead the unrest in the southern border points is getting more violent. But it is also a fact that Nepal never bows down when it comes to the nation and national sovereignty. 

- Aditya Singh, Birgunj

Ominous Future for Youth 
The article ‘Political, Economic Unrest and the Youth’ by Saloni Maheshwari (NBA Nov 2015) was informative. It is obvious that the political protests in the Terai region and the added Indian unofficial blockade have hit the lives of the Nepali people hard. I, too, work in an organisation and am facing lots of problems while travelling for work etc. This will only lead to the youth becoming restless, which is always not a good sign. It signals future youth-oriented problems. 

- Sujan Mishra, New Road

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