ITPF : Fitting the Perfect Pipe

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ITPF : Fitting the Perfect Pipe

Vineet Agarwal, Director, Inter-tech Pipes and Fittings (ITPF)Vineet Agarwal
Inter-tech Pipes and
Fittings (ITPF)

Market demand for these eco-friendly pipes has been rising, making ITPF one of the major pipes and fittings companies in the country.

Established in 2008, Inter-tech Pipes and Fittings (ITPF) is the first Nepali company to produce three layer PPR (Polypropylene) pipes and fittings in Nepal. 

“We have started to expand our product range from PPR pipes and fittings to PVC, HDP and in the future too we will be expanding our product range,” says ITPF Director Vineet Agarwal. Currently, he says, the company is focusing on PPR, PVC and HDP pipes. 

For years people have been using standard cast iron pipes along with GI pipes for transferring water but such pipes are prone to rusting and corrosion which may lead to many water-borne diseases. And that is where ITPF comes into the picture offering top quality and safe three layered PPR pipes and fittings made from food grade PP-R material with anti microbial, LTHA and ultraviolet material.

Agrawal claims, “Our products are guaranteed to be of international standard and the raw material used by ITPF is of very high quality.” Market demand for these eco-friendly pipes has been rising, making ITPF one of the major pipes and fittings companies in the country.

With the overall market for pipes and fittings being huge, Agrawal adds, “Talking about ITPF, we do not have accurate data which shows how much of the market share we have but we are a major player in terms of ITPF, PPR, PVC and HDP pipes.” 

Early Days
When the company first came onto the scene eight years ago, it had to stand out from the already more established companies. “When we entered the market, there were already popular Nepali companies doing the same business. We had to face a lot of challenges,” recalls Agrawal. In order to beat the market competition, ITPF chose to focus on uplifting its own brand rather than focusing on what its competitors were doing. “We have always worked with our own ethics,” he says, adding, “This has led us to fully focus on product quality.” 

Business after Earthquake
It was expected that after the major earthquake of April 25, the construction business would see a boom because of the need to repair and rebuild the nation’s damaged physical infrastructures. But Agrawal says, “It has not happened so far due to delays in outside funding and delays in the legal and construction process.” The Terai protests and the Indian blockade have also made business more difficult, laments Agrawal.

Market Competition
Although, ITPF has a strong hold in pipes and fittings, Agrawal admits that there is huge market competition in the business. “We have to compete with the products imported from different countries like China, India. So, we are also focusing on product diversification.”

Market Strategy
ITPF focuses on two points. The first is on product quality and the second on timely delivery of after-sales service, informs Agrawal. “We strongly believe that once the product is tested by customers then they will become our loyal customers due to the quality we assure,” he says. 

Quality is the major USP of ITPF, stresses Agrawal. “Our products are guaranteed for 50 years,” he says. According to the company, ITPF products are more diverse than those of any other company. Also ITPF has a very indigenous R & D team who are highly skilled technically. “We develop the shape, size and weight ourselves so there is no technical problem during the instillation process,” informs Agrawal. ITPF 3 layer PPR pipes and fittings are ideal for the supply of hot and cold water and the pipe lines are also ideal for hospitals, hotels, compressed air systems, swimming pools, air, chemical and edible fluids pipe lines. They can also be used in industrial complexes. “No rusting and scaling occurs in the pipes,” says Agrawal. “So there is a minimum number of complaints when it comes to our products. And if there is, we immediately solve it.” 

For after sales services, ITPF has a highly equipped technical team who are qualified in plumbing.

Schemes and Offers
“We continue to give schemes to the plumbers, dealers, sub-dealers and marketing team itself,” informs Agrawal. “We take our dealers, plumbers, distributor as part of the ITPF family and we provide them different schemes every year accordingly.”  

“Earlier, PPR pipes and fittings used to get imported from China in huge quantities,” says Agrawal, “But the import has decreased since we started manufacturing full range of PPR pipes and fittings.” According to Agrawal, Nepal no more imports PVC and HDC pipes and fittings and some Nepali companies are exporting them to India. But other pipes like CPVC are still being imported in huge amount from India. Agrawal says the company plans to manufacture CPVC pipes and fittings in the future. “No industry is planning to expand its business in the present scenario,” says Agrawal. 

He says ITPF is also watching the market outside Nepal and as soon as they get a good price and good levels of order, they will start exporting. 

The company provides free education to the children of its plumbers. Besides that, it also provides monthly donations to a Godavari-based organization of differently able people.

SWOT Analysis

• Well-equipped technical team
• Good marketing team
• Different range of products
• Timely delivery

Weakness/Areas Need to Improve
• Planning to manufacture dual pipe 3 or 6 inches
• Upgrading to new technologies according to time

• Nepal is moving towards infrastructural development and we see lots of opportunities ahead. 

• Import from China and India


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