Forecasting Gold Prices with Astrology’s Help

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--By Anup Kumar Agrawal

The above graph indicates the trend forecast of gold prices in terms of USD from November 24 2015 to January 13 2016. The graph above probably does not need any explanation. There are two lines Red and Blue. Both lines are trend forecasting lines. Both are purely based on astrology. Both lines are clearly indicating that the trend in gold prices is expected to be down during November 30 2015 to January 12 2016 with some upside during mid-December 2015.

It is an important and difficult process to predict gold prices on a day to day basis. The divine science of astrology helps us tremendously to forecast gold prices on a day to day basis. Today we shall share a few of the astro indicators which help us to predict gold prices. The four astro signatures which affect gold prices heavily are 
1. Fool Moon 
2. Moon in Pisces and 
3. Ingress of Mars Effect 
4. Heliocentric Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius

Fool Moon: It is one of the strongest astrological factors which drive gold prices down! Almost on every full moon gold prices drop significantly. 

Effect of Moon on Pisces: Constellation of the moon in Pisces creates the strongest falling trend in gold prices. Almost every transit of moon through the Pisces sign pushed gold prices down! The magnitude of this fall is approximately USD 14-USD 15 per day. 

Effect of Ingress of Mars: Then next strongest factor that affects gold prices is ingress of Mars. Whenever planet mars moving through the zodiac signs borders it creates huge negative energies and drives gold prices down. 

Heliocentric Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius: More often than not the price of gold moves up when Heliocentric Mercury travels through the sign of Sagittarius.

Point to Remember: The most important point to remember in day to day gold-silver forecasting is to identify all the aspects affecting the gold-silver prices on the subject day, which aspect is stronger or what constellation of planet is more dominant! If you make the right decision you win otherwise you lose. 

Gold is ruled by the planet Sun and the sign Leo. When a benefic planet transits Leo and at the same time casts good aspects to the Sun or when it casts a good aspect to Leo from other signs the value of gold rises. But when a planet casts an evil aspect to the sign Leo particularly, when it also casts a bad aspect to the sun at the same time, or receives evil aspects from other planets the value depreciates and suffers a fall. The extent of rise or fall depends on the nature of the planets and the nature of the aspects operating with the concerned planets. 

But sometimes the square and opposition aspects, particularly evil planets or superior planets show dearth of gold through political or economic causes and bring a rise in the value instead of a fall. The transit of Mars in Leo often produces a temporary rise or fall according to the nature of aspects it receives and also to the nature of the aspecting planets. The transits of Saturn in Leo and Sun in the ruling sign of Saturn or in good aspects with Saturn bring a rise, particularly when Saturn is retrograde. The effect of Saturn is of a lasting nature. 

From the above it is therefore clear that planets especially the evil planets transiting Leo, Taurus, Scorpio or Aquarius show rise in gold value according to the nature of the aspects received from other planets during the transits, particularly when they are retrograde. An evil aspect generally hampers the rise. Sometimes the transit of benefic planets shows easy markets while those of evil planets bring political and economic trouble bringing a rise in value. All these are more clearly ascertained from the ingress map of the country. 

The transit of the Sun in its congenial signs, such as Aries and Leo bring a rise particularly when it receives good aspects from other planets but the evil aspects will cause a temporary depression. But when the Sun passes through the sign of its detriment, Such as Libra and Aquarius the value is depressed according to the evil aspects it received from other planets, while the good aspects will bring a somewhat steady value but not a very marked rise; much will also depend on the nature and strength of the aspecting planets. 

For the daily fluctuations of gold value, ephemeral aspects of all planets to the Sun and to the sign Leo should be considered according to the nature of the aspects and to the strength or weakness to the inspecting planets. The fluctuations are to be judged from the combined influence of these indications and those of the general aspects between the major planets. For a detailed study on the 'Relationship of Gold and Astrology”, please refer our Ultimate couching course on Gold & Silver Forecasting.

In any case this issue needs more research and our calculations may prove wrong also. Any content of this article is not intended to be construed as investment advice. The goal of this article is to provide data that may be helpful for informational purposes only; each user is fully responsible for his own investment activities and should never act upon the information contained within this article. Wishing you a Happy and Profitable trading.

Anup Kumar Agarwal is CEO & Founder of “SA” Market Forecaster, an Indian company which specialises in Global Market Forecast – Stock, commodities & currencies Forecast. Their calculations are based on Astrology, Cycles, Geometry & Mathematics. They can be reached at


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