Feedback September 2015

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Economy and New Constitution
The cover story (NBA August 2015) Economy In New Constitution covered a relevant topic. The new constitution should work to strengthen the economic future of Nepal. There are lots of conflicts in the draft of the constitution whether it is for a federal state or for the economy. The CA members, with the right approach and logic, should make the new constitution taking public opinion into consideration. Hope the new constitution will not undermine the economy.

- Niru Kafle, Balaju

Keen on Ayurvedic Products
I am writing in regard to the article Growing Investment in Ayurvedic Medicine (NBA August 2015) by Archana Prajapati. At present public consumption of ayurvedic medicine is growing fast. Either for cosmetic purposes or medicinal, people have started to go for ayurvedic products. I believe that Nepal, as it is rich in herbs, can produce lots of ayurvedic products of high quality.  

- Sushil Lamichhane, Jorpati 
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Promote Community Businesses
The article Newa Lahanaa, Running in the Community (NBA Augusts 2015) reminds me of the halcyon days of my life. The operation of Lahanaa is magnificent. The community business carries a specific identity of any community which generates more information of that community at the same time increases good business. A country like ours having a diverse community can obtain some great benefits from community oriented businesses. It can also be one major tourist attraction. The government should encourage and start programmes to promote community oriented businesses.  

- Yasaswi Dhungel, Baneshower

Building on Construction 
The interview of Bijay Rajbhandari (NBA August 2015) provides good information on construction. In the aftermath of the earthquake, speculation was rife as to whether, along with insurance, the business of construction would go down too. But the interview justifies Bhandari’s clarification that, besides some of his projects, many are safe. Also the new alternatives to bricks and mortar are also worth knowing about.

- Anjana Koirala, Biratnagar

Not Just Education
As a graduate student, the article Education to Employment (NBA August 2015) was a very pertinent one for me. I agree with education-to-employment solutions. Our education and the place we eventually work are different like chalk and cheese. We study in classes just focusing on more theoretical knowledge and at a job we go vacant perhaps unsure in the new environment. All together, not only education but also the place where we start working should provide the appropriate knowledge according to the responsibility given to a worker.

- Piyush Shrestha, via mail    

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