The Most Awaited Trade of 2015

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---By Anup Kumar Agrawal

The trade I am going to disclose here today is probably the most awaited trade of 2015. The second half 2015 got some big opportunities in many financial markets/instruments. We can term these big opportunities as “fortune making trades”. These are the trades where big money can be minted in the shortest span of time with least risk. So far, since July 1 2015, we have already given eight fortune making trades to our subscribers. These eight fortune making trades were given in the following financial markets/instruments.

1.Soybean, 2. Corn, 3. Crude Oil, 4. Silver, 5. Natural Gas, 6. Stock First Majestic Silver Corporation (AG), 7. Gold, 8. S&P 
The eighth fortune making trade was issued on August 19 and I am glad to share this eighth fortune making trade with all the valuable readers of New Business Age. This trade is probably the most awaited trade of 2015. The entire world is anxious to know when the US stock indices are going to stop its unstoppable bull rally which it started in 2009. If our calculations are not wrong, the time has arrived. We are right there. By the time this article will be published probably it will be a little late but if you are lucky and you get your copy on time then there are good chances that you can make $81500 in the next 50 days with a risk of $3000. Here it goes:

Go short in S&P e-mini (December contract) at 2111 (ideally at 2126) on August 19 or August 26, 2015 with a stop of 2138 on closing basis with target of 1800 by October 16 2015.

As of now, on August 19 2015 at 12:58 Indian standard time S&P December contract is trading at 2082.75. We will go short in S&P e-mini December contract as and when it hits 2111 (ideally at 2126). The most ideal time of getting this ideal short entry price (2111 & 2126) is either on August 19 or August 26. Once the high is in ideally by August 26, we are expecting a huge fall in S&P (simultaneously in all the major global stock indices) between August 27, 2015 to October 16, 2015. A fall of 326 points in S&P in a span of 50 days is not a normal phenomenon. If everything goes as per the prediction and if you are short in five contracts of S&P e-mini December contract, then this trade is going to give you a profit of US Dollar $81500 with a risk of $3000 only.

In our flagship publication Weekly Market Forecast Newsletter released every Sunday, we have consistently illustrated how the long term cycles, along with the midterm cycles have overlapped with long-term planetary cycles, which have projected an important low to occur in October 2015. Here we are, prices are moving right in the predicted direction. The 1200+-point decline in the DJIA since its high of May 19 2015, represents the strongest sell off of the year, so far, in the US stock index. And it is just the beginning. 

I would like to end this article with the famous quote of Mark Twain: “OCTOBER: This is one of the peculiarly dangerous months to speculate in stocks in. The other are July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August, and February. There are two times in a man's life when he should not speculate: when he can't afford it and when he can” 

In any case this issue needs more research and our calculations may prove wrong also. Till then, wishing you a happy and profitable trading.

Anup Kumar Agarwal is CEO and founder of “SA” Market Forecaster, an Indian company which specializes in Global Market Forecast– stock, commodities & currencies forecast. Their calculations are based on Astrology, Cycles, Geometry and Mathematics. They can be reached at

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