Art of Living

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Sashi Raj Pandey, CEO of Shree Investment and Finanace Company Ltd Sashi Raj Pandey, CEO of Shree Investment and Finanace Company Ltd and President of Nepal-India Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a busy man. He wants to keep himself busy all the time. Pandey is a deeply spiritual man and is associated with the Art of Living Foundation and is in the Board of Art of Living Nepal. He is also the Immediate Past President of Art of Living Nepal. “In my early days, I hated godmen and holy people. I used to think they were all phonies, but my wife was very spiritual and wanted me to change my thoughts,” says he. 
Pandey who is married to Urmila Pandey since February 1972 believes that there is a woman behind every successful man, and he believes his wife is that woman for him. 
Pandey loves to watch sports on TV, especially football and cricket. He gives time to his family on holidays, and goes for shopping with his wife and goes for outings. He is also interested in gardening. Travelling is another hobby of his, and has travelled extensively. He has been to almost all the countries except those in  South America and Australia. He has plans of travelling there as well. “I don’t believe in working overtime. Nobody stays overtime in my office unless it is very necessary,” says he. He doesn’t go to parties very often, and attends essential ones only. 
He says he was very short tempered man before, but it has come down by more than 95 per cent, thanks to Art of Living. “Though I am in a very stressful job, I have learnt to keep my calm, and Art of Living has taught me that,” says he.  
Pandey says that people either repent for the past or worry for the future and they forget to enjoy the moment that they have. “I am strictly against this. I live in the present moment; I accept future as it unfolds. No one can plan for the future as we don’t know what is going to happens even a moment from now. I want to enjoy in the present moment,” says He.

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