Feedback May 2015

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A Milestone for Nepali Auto Market
Nepal is becoming a major market for automobile brands.  Almost all auto brands are present here and it feels nice to know that new entrants are finding Nepal as a potential market to sell their passenger vehicles. In this regard, the story titled 'Driven by Demand' was very informative. I was delighted to know that the famous US muscle car Mustang is entering the Nepali market this year. This would mark the start of entry of a muscle car brand in the country's market. The success of Mustang will eventually open up the Nepali market for other muscle and sports car manufacturers. Similarly, SUVs and crossovers such as Volkswagen Scirocco, Fiat Avventura and Hyundai i20 Elite crossover will also enthrall the excitement of Nepali auto enthusiasts.
- Sumit Amatya , Pulchowk, Lalitpur
Shesh Ghale as a Role Model for Nepali Diaspora
I find the Interview of Shesh Ghale published in the April 2015 issue of New Business Age magazine to be quite insightful. Ghale was quite open regarding his presidency in the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA). He is involved in raising the voices and concerns of Nepali diaspora while also being active in making big investments in the country. The Australian billionaire is a role model for Nepalis scattered across the globe.  I urge the NRNs to follow Ghale. His social and business initiatives for Nepal are definitely praiseworthy.
- Anish Bhattarai, Sankhamool, New Baneshwor 
Indian Cooperation 
The article titled “Indian Cooperation in Hydropower Development” written by Prof Dr Kamal Raj Dhungel that was printed in the April 2015 issue of New Business Age was quite inspiring. I hope it works as an eye-opener for those who are anti-India and are therefore against Indian cooperation in developing Nepal’s hydropower. I hope those who have been obstructing projects being developed by Indian companies such as GMR also learn a lesson or two from the article. Everyone should learn from Bhutan which has been able to develop its hydropower sector through India’s help. Nepal can follow the Bhutan model of hydropower development. But there are certain politicians with vested and partisan interests who would not let that happen. We need to defeat such forces if we are to unlock Nepal’s hydropower potential.
- Ajit Gurung, Pokhara   
Health is Wealth
I am a regular reader of your magazine. The prominent business magazine of the country has been analysing various issues of business and economy. My interest in the magazine has grown bigger due to the Spine Column that you are presenting regularly. I thank Dr Gaurav Raj Dhakal for his valuable health advices. His suggestions are life-saving and will lead people to live a healthy life in this busy age. Due to their business and jobs, people now-a-days do not care about small things which may cause bigger health problems.
- Roben Chhetri, Dillibazar, Kathmandu

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