Ironically, It's Democrats Who Are Preventing Nepal's Economic Growth!

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--By Anil Kedia
Nepal, the country with huge geo-political importance has the prospect of most advantaged nation in the world with prosperous future. It has both opportunity and the potential to taste the pies from the growth of world’s largest democracy on the planet (India) and the world’s largest producer (China).
But Nepal’s economic growth has been sandwiched between the stale politics among the ultra-lefts (The Marxists and Leninists), the ultra-rights (the monarchists) and democrats. The so-called democrats are again sandwiched between the two ultras and are totally ineffective, lacking the charismatic leadership with the vision of prosperity and growth of the nation.
Every political change in last seven decades has raised the bar of expectations but the same has been suppressed by the incompetency of the leaders to institutionalize the achievements. 
Here, the scenario is that the Nepali democracy is destroyed by democrats themselves by promoting nepotism and favouritism thereby resulting impunity and anarchy which gives birth to the Marxists and the Leninists. This approach of the supposed democrats and their avariced nature has derailed the economic growth and is pushing Nepal into the darkness of the past.
The actions and decisions taken by the so called democrats currently in power are in line with the communist belief which automatically boosts communism causing it to rise again and derail the economic transformation.
The whole Nepali polity is in grave peril due to the actions of the democratic government which is focused on revenue collection through increasing the illogical taxes against all the existing international rules and discouraging the thriving businesses and the incoming FDIs.
Today, the situation is such that every month around 50 thousands youths are flying to the Middle East to work as labourer. Under the existing system, every sector is the victim of the communist policy of this democratic government - be it energy, education, industry or service.
The Mecca of constitution “the constitutional assembly” is left incompetent. The whole process of making constitution through elected representatives is like a drama as the whole power is centralized and the rights of the representatives are whipped. The apex constitutional body has become the hostage of the political parties where, ironically, democrats are in majority but the power is controlled by a few.
Those few who were at power for the longest period of time since the inception of deemed democracy lacked the vision for the effectiveness of open market economy and thus the economic growth potential could not be achieved. Such vision is still lacking.
The data in the above table symbolizes the trend of growth during the period when the country was ruled by the democratic governments.
The decision of shutting down of all the Casinos instead of sorting out the issues, cancellation of the event called Purple Fest, the decision to cancel the appointment of consultants of hydro projects and various other decisions regarding the hydro power and telecom sector show how supposedly democratic government is retarding the growth trend.
In fact, today Nepal’s growth is stalled, not by the communists but by so-called democrats who are influenced by the communist belief and behaviour. Today’s democrats, who are supposed to be the rays of sunlight, giving growth and serving the nation are acting like the clouds preventing the sunlight from reaching the earth. They are the black clouds preventing Nepal from becoming a developed nation - a nation where everyone aspires to live.
The author is the Executive Director of Kedia Organisation.

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