An All Rounder

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Rajesh Kazi ShresthaRajesh Kazi Shrestha, Chairman of RK Associates and the recently elected President (2nd term) of Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC), needs no introduction in Nepali business fraternity. Shrestha gets up at 5:30 am and goes to health club, but says he cannot be regular owing to his business involvements and abroad travels. He is a very punctual man, and is always at his office at 10 in the morning. His days are busy in meetings and business planning. No matter how busy he is during the day, Shrestha almost always spends his evenings at home. Being a familiar name in the local business community, he is invited to parties and gatherings every day, and makes an effort to attend all of them. 
Being a people’s person, Shrestha spends a major part of his time with his business fraternity. “I am glad that I have a lot of friends and acquaintances in the business community. I feel I have earned more friends and trust than I have earned money,” says he. In his free time, he likes to listen to music and watch TV, and spends his time in social networking. Shrestha has travelled extensively for his business and has been to many countries of Asia, Europe and North America. 
Shrestha considers himself very successful and lucky, and thanks his parents for everything he has been able to achieve.  “I am satisfied with what my achievements, but sometimes I feel that if I wasn’t busy making so many friends and contacts, I might have been able to take my business even further,” says he.  

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