“I have to be working all the time”

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In the Lifestyle column of this issue, we bring to you Binayak Shah, General Secretary of Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN), Vice President of Summit Group of Hotels and Resorts and Managing Director of Airport Hotel.
Shah believes in a workaholic lifestyle and is, therefore, busy on all days. Usually, he doesn’t take leave even on Saturdays. “When I am free, I get restless. I have to be working all the time and I like to keep myself occupied all the time. Free time makes you worry, and I try to avoid that,” says Shah.  
Shah gets up at 5:30 in the morning and is always at his office at Airport Hotel by 8:30. He holds a meeting everyday among his staffs. “There are various departments, and all have to be coordinated for the smooth operation of Hotel. I coordinate between all the departments through meetings every day,” explains Shah.  According to him, maintaining good personal relation with the staff is the key to make them more productive and motivate them. In the day, he looks after the tasks of Summit Group of Hotels and Resorts. Shah’s evenings are spent in socializing and get-togethers and parties.  
Shah used to play cricket when he was young, and also was the captain of his team in his university. He still finds time to watch cricket on the television, and is a fan of the Nepali cricket team. He also loves photography and travelling. “My business has allowed me to travel a lot. I have travelled Europe extensively, and many other countries around the world,” says he.  For Shah, time is the most crucial thing in one’s life, and it should never be wasted.

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