“Style is all about the way you carry yourself”

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Snil Keshari ShahAnil Keshari Shah, CEO, Mega Bank
Fashion to me is: Something that makes me comfortable
One word that describes me best: Friendly
My style mantra: Fashion is what is in the inside, not what you wear outside
One thing that makes me feel good about myself: Making others happy
Five essentials of a man’s wardrobe: Jeans, grey t-shirt, white shirt, brown shoes and khaki pants
My ideal outfit for:
A fun party: Khaki pants/White shirt
A formal work setting: Suit
A casual day out with friends: Shorts/T-shirt
A date: Black pants/Shirt
My shopping strategy: I buy what I want to, not what others think looks good on me
Essential pair of shoes every man must have: Black lace shoes and brown shoes
My fashion icon: None
A perfume I swear by: Angel by Thierry Mugler
A colour that dominates my wardrobe: Black
My crucial fashion destination: Paris
The most stylish person in showbiz: Rajesh Hamal and Nagma Shrestha
If I had to spend my entire life wearing a single kind of outfit, it would be: Jeans and grey t-shirt
My most expensive purchase: My camera
My favourite brand: None

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