Toshiba L2400V: Picture Perfect

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--By Yash Nishaant
As the opening of 2015 ICC Cricket World cup draws nearer, Nepali cricket fans have started their search for large screen LED TVs available in the market to enthral their sporting excitement. As the mid-range TV segment is a hit among the users, probable buyers are looking for ‘value for money’ products offering latest technology and features. 
The 47 inch Toshiba L2400V seems to be a viable option for the mid-range budget populace of Nepal. This TV is all about value for money and if one wishes a proper TV experience. The design, look and feel of this TV is quite simplistic yet it is a feature packed one. From every end of its 47-inch screen, its design is sleek, from its rectangular plastic stand to the aluminium finish that hides it. Alongside this, Toshiba's new Narrow Bezel built design of 15mm width makes the TV a centre piece of interior décor. The TV is light and hence easy to hoist. It features an array of utilities clustered on the panel, comprising of one shared component/composite input, two HDMI inputs, digital audio out, and a coaxial jack for antenna or cable connection. Located to the side are on-set controls and a USB input for personal media playback. The entire design is well-organized and effective.     
Its Full HD display [with a standard resolution of 1920x1080 pixels and Active Motion and Resolution Plus (AMR+200)] provides clean and sharp picture quality. The TV retains Toshiba's advanced features such as the ‘Color Mixer’ (which acts as a built in colour tuner) and dynamic contrast enhancement. From the contrast point-of-view, the L2400V is outstanding, with great black levels resulting in the above-par colour production. Due to this, the darker content hence looks satisfyingly dark while the brighter images appear vibrant. Similarly, Toshiba's CEVO engine and 10-bit video processing make for significantly improved colour depth and range. In addition, the 178 degree viewing angle offers clear view from different sides. 
The sound quality of this TV is fantastic. The speakers on the L2400V combine with their Dolby Digital technology to produce crisp and clear sound with excellent performance, a functional treble/bass equalizer, various audio modes and surround sound imitation. Coupled with the Dolby Digital sound system, the 47 inch TV offers theatre-like experience to the movie watchers. 
Its array of features (including Auto Signal Booster, Auto Clean, Intelligent Auto View, Audio Distortion control and 4GB internal storage) contribute to provide sufficient value for money. The L2400V's USB Movie feature supports 28 video playback formats, allowing the viewers to enjoy enhanced playback compatibility on most of the popular video formats. Additionally, the TV's Football mode and Hotel mode offer viewers to choose between different viewing modes that suits various occasions. 
L2400V is a good choice for the casual TV viewer, especially if their agendas are sports, talk shows or movies. Gamers will be happy due to its relatively low system lag, full HD display resolution and advanced sound system. Likewise, the large screen provides gamers with an immersive experience. However, the TV's user interface requires some work as it is often lacking in its appearance and options, and can result in confusing and sluggish navigation. Overall, Toshiba L2400V is a fairly good bargain given its price range. According to CG Digital, the authorised distributor of Toshiba TVs in Nepal, the 47 inch L2400V is priced at Rs 137,890 while its 39 inch variant is available at Rs 86,000 in the local market.  

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