Golyan Group

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Golyan Group

In the 1950s, Sohan Lal Golyan came to Nepal for a visit but was so enthralled by Nepal’s business potential that he stayed. He decided to set up a trading base in Nepal after observing opportunities in Nepal-India and Nepal-china trade. He started trading in spices, textiles, electronics and stationery, among other items and reinvested the profit in the manufacturing sector. His first manufacturing venture came in the form of a textile mill in the late 1970s. The expansion drive that followed created more companies that would later come together as the Golyan Group. 

In the mid 90s, Golyan Group started Reliance Spinning Mill partnering with the MS Group. The size of the investment of both business houses in the spinning mill had surpassed Rs one billion by the end of the 90s. The mill, which had turned into a highly profitable venture for the partners, had entailed an investment of Rs two billion by the end of the decade. At present, Reliance Spinning Mill exports to India, Bangladesh and Turkey and has an estimated annual turnover of Rs 5 billion. The group has also forged a partnership with MS Group in the areas of synthetic industry and hydropower.

In 1998, the Golyan Group started the Shivam Plastic Industries with an initial investment of USD one million. In 1999, the group invested in Dhanalaxmi Synthetic Ltd together with MS Group. The investment in this company exceeded USD 22 million. The group also trades in precious items such as silk, gold and diamond through its two trading units.

Key Business 

  • Reliance Spinning Mills

Planned Investments

  • Hotel project
  • Reliance energy in contention to build a 200 MW hydro power in Rolpa district.
  • Westar Residency, a 250 apartment residential project.


  • 5,000 people

Joint Venture

  • Reliance Spinning Mills Ltd is a JV between Golyan Group and MS Group 
  • Dhanalaxmi Synthetic is a JV between Golyan Group and MS Group
  • Golyan Group and MS Group have forged international partnership and are involved in four hydro projects that have a total generation capacity of over 260 MW


  • Estimated annual turnover Reliance Spinning Mill is Rs five billion
  • Annual turnover of Atlanta Trading Pvt Ltd exceeds USD 20 million, Shivam Plastic Industries exceeds USD 15 million, Himali Pashmina exceeds USD 15 million and Tricot Industries exceeds USD 150 million

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