Kedia Organization

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Kedia Organization

Kedia Organization is among the oldest business houses in Nepal. Ram Kumar Kedia and his sons Mahabir Prasad Kedia and Brij Lal Kedia laid the foundation of the business house in 1909 when they ventured into business as cloth merchants. Together, they established fabric stores in Birgunj and Kathmandu to sell clothes imported from India. Brij Lal Kedia took the initiative of expanding the group’s business interest by trading in food grains and later established the Bhagwati Rice Mill which was a modern rice mill at the time. Brij Lal also established other food grain factories including lentils processing plants. He also stepped into construction by forging partnerships with local municipal authorities. 

The third generation Kedias took the family business further. Shankar Lal Kedia expanded the group business by setting up plants to manufacture corrugated steel, steelf urniture, and stainless steel and copper utensils, textile, umbrella, socks, wheat flour, among others. The group also focused on importing a number of foreign products. According to Manoj Kedia, Kedia Organization used to export lentils to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and a few European countries and rice to Tibet in its early days. 

The group has still maintained a strong presence in trading with around a dozen firms engaged in importing a wide range of products including fabrics, paper, metals and minerals, construction supplies, fertilisers and chemicals, medicines, consumer electronics and electrical items and cosmetics. The group also represents international brands such as Haier, Hisense, Toshiba, Evernal and Mitsuma in Nepal. 

In 1993, Kedia Organization established the Sundar Candles in Birgunj. In 1994, Manoj Kedia started the Sitaram Gokul Milks. The group is also engaged in the automobile and petroleum trading business. It introduced the US petroleum and lubricants brand Caltex in Nepal which is still operational in Birgunj as Kedia Auto. With its interests in the BFI sector, Kedia Organization has played a leading role in promoting Siddhartha Bank and Siddhartha Insurance which were established in 2002 and 2006 respectively. In 2017, Kedia Organization restructured its family business after realising that its presence in diverse sectors was becoming difficult to manage under the traditional family-based management system which was affecting the growth of its business interests.  

Key Business

  • Sugar Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • DAV Kedia
  • Yeti Fabrics
  • Sitaram Gokul Milks
  • Siddhartha bank and insurance

Joint Ventures

  • Brij Cement is a joint venture between Kedia and Indian company, Shanta Cement Pvt Ltd. 
  • Arghakhanchi Cement is a joint venture between Uma Cement International, India and Kedia Group, Siddhartha Group and Murarka Group from Nepal

Planned Investments

  • Hydropower projects
  • Oil and gas exploration and thermal power plant, 
  • General and life insurance company
  • Housing & Real Estate Development (Greenwood Villa)
  • Manufacturing industry in the area of steel, plastic, sugar and medicines 
  • Spices processing and agro-forestry

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