Vaidya Organization of Industries and Trading Houses (VOITH)

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Vaidya Organization of Industries and Trading Houses (VOITH)

Suraj Vaidya, Chairman,  Vaidya Organization of Industries and Trading Houses (VOITH)Suraj Vaidya
Vaidya Organization of Industries and Trading Houses (VOITH)

After completing his master’s degree in economics from Calcutta University in India, Vijaya Gajananda Vaidya returned to Nepal where he worked as a gazetted officer for the then Ministry of Foreign Affairs for two years and then switched to United States Agency for International Development (USAID) where he worked for around five years. He worked another year for a Washington-based research institute and that was the end of his career as an employee. 

At the age of 29 with USD 700 in his pocket, Vaidya invested the amount in establishing United Traders Syndicate (UTS) that became the sole distributor of Toyota Motors in Nepal. Back then, UTS introduced the Toyota Corona Saloon in 1969 and Corolla in 1973. In the early 2000s, UTS introduced the Hiace brand of passenger vehicles in Nepal. With five decades in Nepal, the Toyota brand has won the hearts of Nepalis for its quality and durability and has solidified VOITH’s reputation in the automobile industry. On the other hand, Agni Incorporated, another subsidiary company of VOITH, is the authorised distributor of Mahindra & Mahindra vehicles in Nepal. The Indian automobile is gradually becoming a favourite four-wheeler brand in Nepal. 

Apart from automobiles, VOITH has diversified into agro processing, tea, construction, feed production, insurance, animal husbandry and technical education. VOITH has had a robust presence in the tea industry since 1999 with subsidiary companies such as Guranse Tea Estate, Mai-Ilam Guranse Tea Industries and Nirvana Tea Processing and Packaging producing, storing, processing and exporting high quality Nepali orthodox tea.  VOITH’s portfolio also includes the insurance sector with Suraj Vaidya as one of the promoters of Lumbini General Insurance Company.

Joint Venture

  • Nepal Wellhope Agri-Tech Private Limited is a JV between VOITH and China’s Liaoning Wellhope Agritech Company
  • Serving Minds Private Limited is a joint venture between VOITH and the Mercantile Group 


  • VOITH’s estimated annual turnover is approximately Rs 20 billion.

Key Business 

  • Agri based businesses such as tea
  • Trading of four-wheelers

Planned Investments

  • Tourism (Resort)
  • IT
  • Alternative Energy
  • Automobile parts
  • Education
  • Electric Bicycle Assembly Plant

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