Video Screening Stresses on Increasing Access to Data

Bikas Udhyami launches few development data with technical assistance from CBS

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Video Screening Stresses on Increasing Access to Data

November 14: With an aim to increase access of data among youths, Bikas Udhyami, a social innovation hub, organised Nepal in Data Evening: Connecting Nepal’s Development Dots on Monday, November 13. The programme held in collaboration with the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) launched a series of videos on poverty and inequality; energy and industrial sectors; and on the benefits of import to the country. The programme aims to contribute to data literacy and to use the data in policy formulation and implementation.

“In every country, the public has the right to seek data. Nepal also should now move forward in this case and work to make its data accessible to the public. The public’s demand plays a vital role in bringing revolution in data dissemination and access to data,” shared chief guest for the event Suman Raj Aryal, who is the director general of the Central Bureau of Statistics.

“The videos were developed with the technical assistance of the Central Bureau of Statistics and are intended to generate more public interest on data and enhance people’s understanding of key issues related to Nepal’s development,” shared Santosh Gartaula, CEO and co-founder of Bikas Udhyami. He added that through its Nepal in Data initiative, BikasUdhyami has been seeking to increase the availability and accessibility of data on Nepal through its portal and it is working to enhance data literacy through its infographics, news and tools.

The quiz session was hosted by Olof Granstrom and Fernanda Drumondfrom. As part of the guest lecture, the audience was quizzed about their knowledge and perceptions on different aspects of Nepal’s development using electronic voting devices. The lecture provided the audience with new perspectives and insights based on available data regarding various issues related to Nepal’s development.



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