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Published on: 2016-12-19     1177 times read    0  Comments

No Prior Approval required on the use of Gorkha Eco Panel

December 19: The government has built up a mechanism under which the use of Gorkha Eco Panel will not require any prior approval. Ministry of Urban Development, Department of Urban Development and Building Construction (DUDBC) decided that the use of Gorkha Eco Panel as partition wall while building any physical infrastructure do not require any prior approval from the government.

The recently held meeting of DUDBC, Housing Division took the decision. International Green Developers Nepal, manufacturer of Gorkha Eco Panel correspondence the department after doubt emerged in the use of their products. The doubt was emerged between the local body which approves building plan and engineer, thus the DUDBC was corresponded, said Eco Panel.

"Now onwards there will be no legal complication on the use of Eco Panel as partition wall in any structural designed permanent infrastructure," said Engineer Krishna Bhakta Duwal, CEO of Gorkha Eco Panel."The doubt that the building plan may not get approval while using Eco Panel as partition wall has ended," he said. "In the coming days, engineers will be able to use the Gorkha Eco Panel as partition wall in any permanent infrastructure without any doubt." Gorkha Eco Panel has been used as outer wall in temporary infrastructure as well.


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