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Published on: 2016-11-21     561 times read    0  Comments

Greenovation Start-Up Challenge-2016: 4 Teams Announced Winners

November 21: The 'Greenovation Start-up Challenge 2016' jointly organised by Nepal Entrepreneurs Hub and Start-Up Weekend has concluded on Sunday, November 20 by announcing four winners among the competing teams. Ground Apple, Tyre Treasure, Sisnu Nepal and Hariyo Chulho were the winner teams. Each team was awarded with a cheque of Rs 150,000 as seed money by Shakar Prasad Koirala, Chief Guest and Secretary of Industry Ministry.

On the occasion, Secretary Koirala opined that such challenges designed for the youths of the country will motivate the foreign country aspirant youth forces to start-up businesses and be self-employed which will ultimately develop the economy.  He said "Industry Ministry is ready to support the unemployed but visionary potential youths in building up their businesses. For that matter, a start-up committee has been formed under the Industry Ministry."

The organisers have announced of providing support to all the competing teams upon coming up with a good proposal. The competition organised in cooperation with WWF, The Generation Green and Foreign Ministry of Finland was targeted to youths in 18-26 age group.   

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