Prices of Green Vegetables Up by 216 Percent in a Week

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Prices of Green Vegetables Up by 216 Percent in a Week

KATHMANDU: The price of green vegetables has skyrocketed within a week due to road blockages caused by continuous rainfall. According to the daily price list of the Kalimati Fruit and Vegetable Market Development Committee, vegetable prices have increassed by 216 percent in just one week.

Geeta Prasad Acharya, president of the Kalimati Fruit and Vegetable Market Traders Committee, attributed the price hike to transportation issues following continuous rainfall. He noted that floods and landslides have disrupted vegetable transport in many parts of the country. While vegetables are sourced from districts near Kathmandu Valley, there have been difficulties in bringing vegetables from India and Terai districts.

"It has been raining a little less since Tuesday. With the improvement of road conditions, the import of vegetables can gradually increase," Acharya said.

On July 1, the price of small local tomatoes was Rs 14 per kg, but by July 10, it had increased by 216 percent to Rs 45 per kg. The price of tomatoes produced in tunnels rose by over 141 percent, from Rs 22.80 to Rs 55 per kg.

During this period, the price of brinjal increased by 41.30 percent, from Rs 46 to Rs 65 per kg. The price of green pumpkin increased by 160 percent, from Rs 25 to Rs 65 per kg.

The committee's daily data shows that the import of small tomatoes decreased by 24 percent on July 9 compared to July 1. On July 1, 44 metric tons of small tomatoes arrived at the market, which dropped to 33 metric tons on July 9. During this period, the import of bitter gourds decreased from 33 metric tons to 16 metric tons, and the import of green pumpkin dropped from 11 metric tons to 3 metric tons.

Consumers complain that the price of vegetables in the local market is not comparable to that of the Kalimati vegetable market. Sarita Maharjan, a shopper at the Kirtipur vegetable market on Monday, said she couldn't find any vegetables for less than Rs 100 per kg. "I bought tomatoes for Rs 40 per kilo on Friday, and today it has reached Rs 100. We can’t afford to buy vegetables anymore,” she said.

Binay Shrestha, the information officer of the committee, confirmed that vegetable imports have decreased due to rain. "After the onset of rains, the import of vegetables naturally decreases. In particular, the arrival of seasonal vegetables has decreased. The import has decreased because the road has been damaged due to rain and farmers are busy with planting," he explained. At this time, vegetables from Makwanpur, Kavre, Chitwan, Nuwakot, Dhading, and other districts are supplied to Kalimati.


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