Sujal Foods Launches Delite Dairy Whitener Across Nepal

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Sujal Foods Launches Delite Dairy Whitener Across Nepal

KATHMANDU: Sujal Foods Pvt Ltd, a leading food company in Nepal, has introduced its latest product, Delite Dairy Whitener powdered milk, in the market.

The company said in a statement that the milk used in the Delite Dairy Whitener is collected from various regions across Nepal and is a 100% indigenous product that meets international standards.

The production process employs the latest technology and advanced machinery, added the statement issued by Sujal Foods.

The company claimed that Delite Dairy Whitener is thicker compared to other milk powders and is produced using an innovative Ultra Drying Spray Technology that allows it to dissolve instantly in lukewarm water, ensuring a smooth and uniform mixture.

According to the company, the modern metallic packaging ensures the powdered milk remains safe and fresh for up to 12 months.

“Delite Dairy Whitener is thick, creamy, and delicious. It’s made with natural ingredients and has the rich taste of cow and buffalo milk. This powdered milk is perfect for making tea, coffee, and other milk dishes, making them even tastier,” reads the statement.

The statement added that Delite Dairy Whitener is now available across Nepal at major retailers like Bhatbhateni, Sales Berry, and Big Mart, as well as local grocery stores and popular online platforms. It comes in two different packs including 400 grams for Rs 470 and 800 grams for Rs 900.



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