Manakamana Cable Car to Close for Nearly Two Months

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Manakamana Cable Car to Close for Nearly Two Months

June 23: Starting from the end of Asar (mid-July), the Manakamana Cable Car will be closed for nearly two months. This closure is to upgrade the cable car's digital system and replace the main cable, said Manakamana Darshan Pvt. Ltd.

Ujjwal Sherchan, the Deputy General Manager of Manakamana Darshan Pvt. Ltd., stated that they would officially inform the public regarding the closure of the service in a few days.

"We have currently issued a preliminary notice to provide prior information. Once the technical team from the construction company arrives and discussions are held with our technicians, we will release an official press statement," Sherchan explained.

Sherchan said that this closure will be longer than in previous years. Since the monsoon season is at its peak and roads are often blocked due to floods and landslides, a notice has been issued a month in advance for visitors planning to come from afar.

We will determine the exact duration of the work after discussions with the technicians. The work might take less time than anticipated, according to Sherchan. “Currently, we are mulling over closing the service for 50 days. If the work is completed earlier, we will promptly issue a notice and resume services," added Sherchan.

The cable car service, which started in 1998, transports devotees from Kurintar in Ichchhakamana Rural Municipality-4, Chitwan, to the famous Manakamna Mai Temple in Sahid Lakhan Rural Municipality-3, Gorkha.

However, Ram Kumar Joshi, the chairman of the Manakamana Area Development Committee, assured that the Manakamana Mai Temple would remain open for devotees despite the cable car closure. He mentioned that the temple can be reached by vehicle and that it takes 2-3 hours to reach on foot from the main road.

Joshi added that from Abukhaireni in Gorkha and Kurintar, where the bottom station of the cable car is located, the temple can be reached by crossing a suspension bridge and then taking a vehicle. He highlighted that small vehicles like Scorpios, Sumos, and Boleros are available for the journey.

"Devotees who wish to visit the temple can also walk if they prefer. Vehicles heading to Manakamana are available as an alternative," Joshi said. Joshi noted that, on average, about 5,000 devotees visit the temple daily for worship and darshan (sight of the deity).

However, he expected a slight decrease in visitors due to the cable car closure and the monsoon season. The Manakamana Temple in Gorkha district is a significant Shakti Peeth (a sacred site of divine feminine power).


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