400-KV Hetauda Substation Completed, Boosting Nepal's Power Grid

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400-KV Hetauda Substation Completed, Boosting Nepal's Power Grid

June 9: The construction of the 400-KV Hetauda substation, capable of carrying and distributing nearly 4,000 megawatts of electricity, has been completed.

Located in Hetauda Sub-metropolis-11, this substation is part of efforts to strengthen and expand Nepal's electricity transmission and distribution system.

The Hetauda substation, based on a Gas Insulated System (GIS), is the third-largest 400-KV substation in the country and was officially brought into operation on Friday evening.

Additionally, the construction of 220-KV and 132/11 KV substations at Thanabharyang under the Nepal-India Electricity Transmission and Trade Project has also been completed.

Dhalkebar is Nepal's first 400-KV GIS-based substation, followed by Inaruwa and Hetauda as the second and third largest, respectively. These substations are crucial for ensuring a reliable east-west power supply. The Dhalkebar-Inaruwa project is nearing completion, while work on the Hetauda-Dhalkebar section is ongoing.

Executive Director of Nepal Electricity Authority, Kul Man Ghising, stated that the Hetauda substation will ensure a reliable and quality power supply to Hetauda, Bharatpur, Simara, and Birgunj.

Furthermore, a 400-KV double circuit transmission line, to be constructed at Ratmate in Nuwakot under the Millennium Challenge Corporation, will be connected to the Hetauda substation. Necessary infrastructure has already been established at Hetauda for this purpose. (RSS)


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