Birgunj Customs Office Misses Revenue Target, Collects Only 62%

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Birgunj Customs Office Misses Revenue Target, Collects Only 62%

Birgunj: The Birgunj Customs Office, a major border point for imports and exports, has failed to meet its revenue target for the first ten months of the current fiscal year 2080/81. The office has achieved only 62.82% of its revenue goal.

According to the data on its website, the customs office aimed to collect Rs 202.9 billion by the end of Baisakh. However, only Rs 127.46 billion was collected. Specifically, the customs office collected Rs 47.2372 billion in import duties, which is 60.88% of the target set at Rs 77.5877 billion.

The highest revenue came from Value Added Tax (VAT), with Rs 54.2658 billion collected, achieving 63.99% of the target. For excise duties, the office collected Rs 8.5208 billion, against a target of Rs 12.1157 billion.

Apart from the road construction and maintenance fees, the customs office did not meet its revenue targets in any category. It collected revenue under various headings, including advance income tax, health risk tax, infrastructure tax, export duties, agricultural improvement fees, road repair and maintenance fees, and luxury fees.

Officials said that the decline in imports of vehicles, fuel, and industrial raw materials, which are the main items imported through Birgunj, impacted the revenue. On the export side, processed edible oil, juice, pulp, and fabrics are the main items. However, Nepal's exports have decreased as Indian traders are importing oil from third countries due to India's zero customs duty policy on oil imports.


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