Strife Among Powerful Nations Poses Challenges before Small States: CoAS Sharma   

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Strife Among Powerful Nations Poses Challenges before Small States: CoAS Sharma   

March 13: Chief of Army Staffs (CoAS) Prabhu Ram Sharma has underlined the need of common initiative and commitment for Nepal's sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, nationality, dignity, border security and economic prosperity.    
Inaugurating the high level national security training organized jointly by the Defense Ministry and Nepali Army at Army Command and Staff College on Wednesday, CoAS Sharma said that common concept and understanding and coordination is needed for it.

"By analyzing and studying the national and international atmospheres, it is imperative to formulate and implement policy for protecting national interest," he said, adding that the direct and indirect strife among powerful states has posed challenges before small states.    
In the context of Nepal, the army chief said that the challenges faced by the country are geopolitical sensitivity, open border and interest of powerful states. Even the religious and communal conflict and covert activities of some separatist groups are affecting national security, he reminded.    

CoAS Sharma further said that various aspects of traditional and modern security concerns along with socioeconomic and development landscapes should be studied well by all agencies so that national policy and laws would enforced effectively. The national security policy and strategy need change as per the changing global security scenario, he shared his view.    
On the occasion, Defense Secretary Kiran Raj Sharma said multi sectoral dialogue, coordination and cooperation are needed to strengthen national security.    
The ninth edition of the high level training has participation of 30 persons from diverse sectors including ministries, constitutional bodies, university, CSO, media, Nepalese Army, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, and the National Investigation Department. It will last for two weeks. A total of 173 persons have been trained so far since 2072 BS. -- RSS 


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